The Flash Season 3 Premieres in the UK

You could say that speed has never been a problem for Barry Allen, aka The Flash. But we’re all proved wrong in the third season premiere, Flashpoint.

Since the very beginning of the show, we’ve known how Barry (Grant Gustin) has ongoing family issues involving evil speedsters. In the first season, his mother was murdered by the Reverse Flash and in the second, his father was killed by Zoom.

Both deaths leaves The Scarlet Speedster with heavy tolls on his life. Barry then decides to do what he’s considered numerous times — to travel back in time to save his mother. Life changes dramatically when he’s thrown into a completely new reality.

His parents are alive and he’s been making up for lost time. Joe West, his surrogate father in the original timeline, still works as a detective for Central City Police but is suffering from alcohol problems. Cisco is a tech billionaire and is the proud owner of Ramon Industries (which was once Star Labs). Caitlin is an optometrist and Wally West, Joe’s son, is The Flash in this universe. There’s also a new villainous speedster named The Rival, who is the rival of Kid Flash (Wally).

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In this universe, there’s no Reverse Flash and there’s no Zoom. It’s the reality that Barry has always wanted.

After stopping Reverse Flash, Barry has him imprisoned in a deserted industrial building.

With this new, stress-free life, comes consequences of his actions. Barry begins to lose precious memories from his previous life because of, what his enemy refers to, Flashpoint.

The Flash Season 3 Premieres in the UK! ********QUEUE PLEASE********* 2

Memories continue to disappear which, in the end, makes Barry do the last thing he wants: free the Reverse Flash to put things in the original direction and ultimately, murder his mother.

Time goes to back to where Barry left it. However, Reverse Flash warns him that things may not be exactly the same. This is proven when Barry asks for Iris, resulting in Joe leaving the room unhappy because of something that everyone knows, apart from him. Oh, Barry.

You could say that the first episode had all our heads in a tangled mess.

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