The Flash Season 3 Trailer is Here!

In the season 2 finale of The Flash, after Earth 2 speedster Zoom was defeated and the real Jay Garrick was revealed to be an Earth 3 doppelganger of Barry’s recently deceased father, Barry is emotionally crippled over the events that had just happened. Instead of letting time heal his wounds, he travelled back in time to when his mother had just died, however, this time round Barry prevents Reverse-Flash from murdering her.

Yesterday at the SDCC, The Flash Season 3 trailer was revealed before the cast went on their panel to give us a few ideas of what we’ll be expecting this upcoming season. We don’t know how big Barry’s selfishness will change the world, however, the trailer shows how Barry could have only made things worse.

The first episode of season 3 will be one year later, showing us how happy and free living he is with his parents, Nora and Henry Allen. Iris and Joe will no longer know Barry the way they used to as since his mother never died, his father never got taken to prison and Joe never took him in as his own son. Iris and Barry run in to each other at Jitters where the question “You look very familiar, I have seen you before… Haven’t I?” is asked by Iris and Barry introduces himself to her. Iris gathers that wherever Barry is from, they have a connection which may possibly mean they develop a friendship or more in the Flashpoint timeline. As Barry says, “Some people are just meant to be in your life.”

Barry all of a sudden gets a headache and sees the word “Alchemy” . He soon enough finds himself at the Star Labs facility, however, this time round it is called ‘Ramon Industries’ and is owned by the one and only, Cisco, who is now in fact the richest man in America. Barry tries to reach out to Cisco and Joe but both turn him down as they don’t remember him.

The Reverse Flash who is now locked away in a cell says, “This isn’t your home Barry. It’s a mirage, it’s already screwing with you and everyone you love and pretty soon it’s going to take me right down along with you. What should we call this brave new world that you whipped up for us? I was thinking Flashpoint.” We are then introduced to Kid Flash aka Wally West who will now be in charge of saving the world from new villain ‘Dr Alchemy’, portrayed by Tom Felton. Maybe Barry is also about to become a villain? At the end of the promo Thawne calls Barry the villain. “Now who’s the villain Flash? Now who’s the villain?” as Barry walks away from him.

Although Barry did change the timeline just to have his family back, does this really make him a villain? We can only find out when The Flash returns on October 4th.

Watch the promo here:

The Flash is well known for their crossovers with the Arrow cast but does Barry’s mother being alive affect the events leading towards Barry meeting Oliver Queen?

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