FLASHBACK: Charli XCX Mixtape ‘Number 1 Angel’ Released A Year Ago Today

Welcome to yet another new feature on CelebMix. This new feature, ‘Flashback’ will talk you through an artist’s material, whether it be a single, album or music video.

Today’s ‘Flashback’ article will be looking at Charli XCX’s ‘Number 1 Angel’ mixtape, released 10th March 2017. A year on and the mixtape has since received high praise as well as critical acclaim from both fans and high-profile critics alike.

What happened before the release of ‘Number 1 Angel’?

The mixtape had everything you would’ve needed in a 2017 release; up-beat pop with PC production, a pleasing aesthetic and heavenly female features. Upon release of the mixtape, Charli XCX, known for being a feminist whilst also promoting the ‘Girl Power’ movement (as made famous by Spice Girls), revealed her mixtape would feature an all-female line up, and she didn’t bluff.

With features from Danish pop starlet  to erotic-rapper CupcakKe, there is a plethora of female artists you can get hyped up about in the 2017 release, ‘Number 1 Angel’.

What was the aesthetic of ‘Number 1 Angel’?

The ‘Number 1 Angel’ mixtape envisioned Charli XCX distancing herself further away from her Sucker era and showed XCX channel the production of her previous release, Vroom VroomIt also was a chance for Charli XCX to collaborate with P.C Producers, SOPHIE and A.G Cook once more. The trio compliment each other perfectly – poppy vocals from XCX herself along with obscure bouncy production from SOPHIE and A.G call for an excellent project.

The project was also revealed to not have the backing of Charli XCX’s label – Atlantic Records, with XCX adding that she had fully funded the project out of her own money. However, a follow-up mixtape – ‘Pop 2’  received support from the label due to the unexpected success of its predecessor, with a later release of December 2017.


Within the 10-track mixtape, we have to say ‘3AM (Pull Up)’ is a fan favourite. Upon first listen to the pop track, you want to put a middle finger up to all bad relationship whilst cruising around LA, due its up-beat production and unapologetic lyrics. This is clear when XCX assertively sings that they should – fuck themselves / they’re not sorry.

The fan-favourite was also the only track on the ‘Number 1 Angel’ mixtape to receive some type of visuals, with this one being in form of a lyric video:

How is ‘Number 1 Angel’ a year on from the release?

A year has passed and we are still in awe of the 2017 mixtape, with a vinyl release of the project announced on 14th February. The physical release, which is due on April 20th, will also feature the predecessor mixtape on the same pressing.

The ‘Number 1 Angel / Pop 2’ Vinyl is available to pre-order here.

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