Flawes & Mali-Koa touch on looking at things in a more positive light in their new single, “Higher Than Before”

Sometimes two worlds just come together so perfectly that it feels as if they have worked together before – this is the case with the newest collaboration between Mali-Koa & Flawes.

Combined this four-piece bring together Mali-Koa’s incredible vocal range and Flawes’ well-oiled unit to create an alternative pop masterpiece that sees the song be used as a platform to explore giving relationships a go.

“[It] is all about giving a relationship a chance and looking at things in a more positive light,” JC from Flawes reveals. “The chorus hook “You’re taking me Higher Than Before” centres around the realisation that being with them has vastly improved my life; life is a lot better when they are in it.”

Mali-Koa on the other hand, expresses her enthusiasm for working with the trio, “I think the boys are brilliant, so it was a no brainer for me,” she explains. “‘Higher Than Before’ felt like a natural fit, the chorus is so anthemic and uplifting, writing with JC was a day spent laughing and creating.”

This song’s stratospheric lyrics have influenced the track’s video, which features Flawes and Mali-Koa performing on top of a cloud.

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