So who is the most followed person across ALL social media?

It is common knowledge that Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram and, day by day, she’s creeping closer to one hundred million followers.

However, who is the most followed person on the planet across all social media sites? Well, never fear, as we have the answer!

A list of the top five most followed people across all social media platforms was recently released, using statistics courtesy of Apple Tree Communications, and its no surprise that the top five are all incredibly famous faces. However, they aren’t all the people you may expect to be there! DUN DUN DUUUUN…

In classic countdown style, we’ll begin with number five because we like to keep the suspense going for as long as possible. Well, you could always just scroll down the page to see who is number one but we know you wouldn’t do that to us…

Just creeping into the top five is R&B babe Rihanna, who boasts 150 million followers across her social media platforms – nice one, RiRi! Her Instagram has 44 million followers and its probably her most used platform as she’s always keeping fans in the loop by uploading stage snaps, behind the scene videos, photo shoots and updates on other secret projects she’s working on. The ‘Shut Up And Drive’ hitmaker also has an impressive 65 million Twitter followers and uses her account to Tweet about new music and appearances.

In front of Rihanna at number four is American beauty Selena Gomez. Social media adores Miss Gomez as many of her Instagram photos have over three million likes, plus she holds the record for the most liked snap on the site ever, with a photo of her simply drinking Coca Cola having almost six million likes. She’s incredibly active on Instagram and enjoys using it to thank her fans after performances and loves to treat us to some jaw-dropping selfies. Furthermore, Selly G has 45 million Twitter followers. Her combined following is 205 million.

Kicking off the top three we have Katy Perry who has a total following of 219 million, 55 million of which come from Instagram. The ‘Roar’ songstress likes to keep things fun on her Insta by frequently sharing silly snaps of things she’s getting up to when she isn’t performing to thousands of people, such as wearing face masks and going skiing. Katy also holds the record for being the most followed person on Twitter! Her account is followed by almost 93 million and that comes as no surprise as Miss Perry is constantly taking time out of her day to reply to adoring fans.

Just missing out on the top spot at number two is someone who you may not have expected to see in this countdown. The top five have been dominated by strong and sassy females in the music industry so far, however, its time to switch things up a little. The second most followed person on the planet is none other than Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo, a pretty awesome guy who has 238 million social followers. You know he’s cool just by looking at his Instagram and Twitter handle, which is @cristiano. Anyone who manages to get their username as just their first name is automatically the coolest. Anyway, he has 76 million Insta followers and enjoys sharing snaps of him playing football and chilling out on his days off and 46 million people follow his Tweets. YAY for Cristiano representing the guys!

Finally, we’ve reached number one and its time to reveal who the most followed person online is, if you managed to resist the urge to scroll down, then congratulations, have you guessed who it is yet? (Probably.) Well, the most followed person on the planet iiiiiiiis… drumroll please TAYLOR SWIFT! Of course it is! The world loves her and so she has a staggering 246 million followers in total! Tay Tay is just behind her BFF Selena as the second most followed on Instagram with 91 million followers. We always get excited when Taylor uploads something to Instagram, will it be a selfie? Will it be a cat snap? Will it be a #GOALS picture of her girl squad? Who knows! T. Swizzle also has 80 million Twitter followers – WOWZA!

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Written by CelebMix