Foo Fighters booked to headline Glastonbury 2016?

As fans are still reeling at the sudden loss of Foo Fighters from the Glastonbury line-up due to a broken leg of their frontman Dave Grohl, some compensation comes in the fact that the Foo Fighters are reported to be headlining Glastonbury 2016.

While Dave Grohl was particularly looking forward to playing at Glastonbury this year, his injury during their Swedish show (in which he showed just how rock’n’roll he really is by continuing to perform despite his pain) forced them to pull out, and they were replaced by Florence and the Machine.

There are reports of Festival officials saying that everyone’s beloved Fooeys will take the stage as headliners next year. What an event that will be – over a year of anticipation for fans to see them at what many consider to be the highest echelon of music festivals.

Other noteworthy news is that apparently two other headliners are also already booked for Glastonbury 2016… Is it too early to start guessing who they might be? Surely there’s nothing wrong with building the hype early!

Written by CelebMix