Foo Fighters “Rick-Roll” Audience at Summer Sonic Festival

After a setlist full of hits such as “Learn to Fly”, “The Pretender”, and “My Hero”, as well as a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure”, the Foo Fighters invite Rick Astley on stage for a unique performance of the 80’s classic, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Dave Grohl invites the band’s “new best friend” onto the stage at the 2017 Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo, Japan. After announcing that he just met Astley “two minutes ago”, Grohl begins to play what sounds a bit like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while drummer Taylor Hawkins begins the Nirvana hit’s signature drum fill. Rick Astley then begins to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up”, creating an interesting rock version of the song that almost seems like a mash-up.

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Written by Miguel