Forbes YouTube Rich List 2015

Forbes has released its first ever ranking of the highest paid YouTubers from around the world, a list of 10 channels that have turned their day to day activities and hobbies into something much, much bigger.

In order to even make the list they would have had to make at least 2 and a half MILLION dollers!

Not bad for what many may have started as a bit of fun.

So let’s see if your favourites have topped the charts.

Forbes YouTube Rich List 2015 1

In joint 8th place are Rosanna Pansino, a self taught chef that teases our tastebuds with her delicious baking tutorials. With her videos and a book on its way she’s made an incredible $2.5 million this year.

She shares her spot with Roman Atwood, a prankster that has had sponsors such as Nissan, partnering up for an advert. His online merchandise helping find his fortune.

Again in 8th place earning $2.5 million this year is Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman. A stand up comedian and singer whose success saw her tour 27 cities across the world this year.

In the 7th spot is Michelle Phan. Her make up tutorials have found her making $3 million this year, most of which she reinvests into her cosmetics line.

We then have another tie.

Earning $4.5 million dollars is KSI. A commentator of video games, this British YouTube star has used his presence to help him find success in the music industry, his single “Lamborghini” hitting the UK charts this year.

He shares his spot with comedy duo Rhett & Link. After leaving the corporate world behind to follow their love for comedy, they have surpassed the belief that YouTube is for a particular generation.

Forbes YouTube Rich List 2015 2 

In 4th place is the very talented Lindsey Stirling, making an incredible $6 million this year. Starting in 2007 she posted videos of herself performing, playing the violin and dancing. Her loyal fan base now means she has the success and recognition within the music world she deserves.

Tied for 2nd place. The fine brothers, who have made an incredible $8.5 million. Their success from filming people reacting to over the top videos, has not only landed them a daytime Emmy, but their very own TV show, React to That.

Another duo joins the fine brothers at second place, childhood friends Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, a.k.a Smosh. Starting out creating live action skits of Pokémon games, the comedy duo now run 5 YouTube channels, and this summer released their first feature length film.

Forbes YouTube Rich List 2015 3

In top spot making an impressive $12 million is PewDiePie. With over 40 million subscribers and over 10 billion, yes billion views, it is no wonder. The YouTube star basically plays video games which is a big thing in the world of YouTube. 

Forbes YouTube Rich List 2015 4

These incredibly impressive numbers and with the ever growing popularity of YouTube, it’s no wonder so many are turning to the net to find fortune and fame. 

You never know, one day you might be on this list.

Written by CelebMix