Fortnite to Become Huge for eSports Betting: 8 Reasons Why

The Battle Royale game genre currently dominated by Fortnite is here to stay. The genre has been available for many years but only got popular through H1Z1 and Day-Z before exploding after the introduction of Player Unknown Battlegrounds. With its popularity, an eSports scene is automatically going to come from it, and it feels like there is no limit to how big it can become. Below are reasons why Fortnite betting is going to be the next big thing.

Playerbase size

The most important thing for any eSport games is to have a big casual player base. However, unlike traditional sports, eSport games are hard to follow unless you play and understand the game yourself. It takes basic knowledge to cherish the difficult actions of professional players and to see how gifted they are in playing the game. Knowing that you can’t pull off what you saw leaves you craving for the highlight plays.

The pace of the game

Fortnite is growing faster than its predecessors, and unlike in PUBG, there’s no camping all game. The firefights are also chaotic but still easy for the spectators to follow. Additionally, the game only lasts about 20 minutes, unlike other games like Dota 2and League of Legends, which lasts for around 45 minutes. This short span plays a key part in the game’s monumental success.

It’s already the most-watched game online

Fortnite is the game with most concurrent viewers on Twitch, and that’s the important stat when it comes to eSports. However, there are popular games without a good viewer experience, but this is not the case with Fortnite as it relies on good viewer experience as a stepping stone for further growth.

Betting will come naturally

With the rise of the betting scene within CS: GO – biggest eSport in terms of betting – more and more bets are available as Betway, and other major betting companies realize the growth of the eSport market. Fortnite is no exception in this regard.

Investors are ready

In recent years, big eSports organizations have shown willingness and interest to invest in eSports games scene. Titans like Team Liquid, TSM and Betway, have players under contract, this is an indicator of how eSport games will fare as big organizations join the game.


There is a reason why up-coming eSports titles like Fortnite and Overwatch are ‘first-person shooters’, first they are simple to follow and understand, and players don’t have to learn the over 450 different spells and 100 different characters used in the game. However, Fortnite is a third-person-shooter, but the same rules apply. The game-play isn’t hard to understand for first-time viewers.

The world championship

Much like Dota 2’s The International or League of Legend’s World Championship you need a big game to outdo the others to generate hype. Although ‘Fortnite World Championship’ was not meant to be an eSports game, it surely will be a part of any eSport success and a big opportunity to its developers at Epic Games


Fortnites’ ability to build makes it feel unique and fresh compared to other games. It adds an extra taste to the gameplay and makes the mechanical skills of the players shine, making it great to watch.

Written by CelebMix