‘The Fosters’ Season 4, Episode 1 Review – ‘Potential Energy’

Before we get fully in to the Season 4 Premiere of ‘The Fosters’, we would just like to share the message Cierra and Sherri shared before the show started. We wrote a post regarding Cierra Ramirez and Sherri Shaum delivering a special message to all Orlando Victims here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers with the world!

Moving on, if you have been following ‘The Fosters’ since the beginning, you will know how Season 3 ended. Let’s recap the main points; Brandon and Callie had been outed for their night of passion, Stef and Lena demand on sueing Justina, however, an extremely tearful Callie tells them that they can’t “because it’s true”. Jack’s death causes Jude to question his sexuality and considers trying to kiss a girl and lastly, Nick witnesses Mariana and Mat kissing after Mariana told him there would be no surprises, so Nick takes a turn for the worst by burning down the R&J set and taking it to an even bigger extreme, he retrieves a gun out of his father’s car glove compartment. And queue all The Fosters fans to go wild because they had to wait four months to find out what Nick was going to do!

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Spoilers from here on

Season 4 of The Fosters carries on from the events of the season 3 finale where Nick has found the gun and is now going through a meltdown after assuming Mariana and Mat are getting back together. Nick becomes furious with what he saw, leading him to bring a gun in to school, putting everybody in danger.

Callie, Lena and Stef are still trying to communicate over the truth within Callie and Brandon. Being the perfect mommas they are, they react calmly to the situation no matter how angry they are and try to understand everything that Callie is explaining to them both. Fortunately, Mike interrupts the silence and informs Stef and Lena the warehouse has been burned down and he thinks Nick has something to do with it. Callie heads out to find Brandon and tell him that their moms know everything.

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Nick and Mariana meet up at their ‘spot’ when Nick texts Mariana telling her that he saw her kissing Mat. This is where we get extremely nervous and worried for Mariana… Nick begins to circle Mariana as she explains what really happened the night of the Matiana kiss, with the gun in his back pocket!

Nick’s father comes to the school as he is just as unaware on the disappearance of Nick like everybody else. After Mariana comes in to the office and explains the reason why Nick might be looking off, Stef gently asks Nick’s father if he thought Nick would be willing to hurt himself or others around him. He tells them about the gun in his car but is very oblivious of Nick actually knowing where it is, so much to their dismay, when they see that the gun is not in the car and Nick is missing, Stef demands the school to go on lockdown.

While everybody is safely locked away in a classroom or office, Mariana has been locked out from everywhere, leaving her to hide in the toilets all alone and Lena and Stef worrying for their daughters life as they have no idea where she is. Callie and Brandon sit in a class full of juniors, taking care of one specific girl who struggles with diabetes. Jude hid in a class with his class mates where you witness Daria attacking Jude for stringing along one of her friends as the last thing she was aware of, is that Jude is in fact 100% gay, and Jesus hid in an office alongside ex girlfriend Emma and Lena.

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The SWAT team gathered the children in the school class by class and lead them safely outside to their families. When a gun shot goes off during taking a class out, Stef charges in to the building immediately to find Mariana, leaving Lena screaming for Stef to come back. After painful minutes of waiting to make sure everyone got out uninjured, Stef finally comes out with Mariana by her side. Jesus and Mat run straight for Mariana… Here come the tears again! Everyone is reunited and unharmed, now all that needs to be done is finding Nick!

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The end of the season premiere shows Nick lurking in the Adams-Fosters home, Stef searches the house before everyone enters, however, Nick must have found a really good hiding spot as next episode is all about Nick showing his face in their home, leaving them to not feel safe wherever they are. While we care extremely for the Adams-Fosters family, we are praying Nick doesn’t do anything to hurt Mat!

Overall, this was an incredibly intense episode that had us on the edge of our seats filled with nerves! The Fosters have never been afraid to tackle all controversial issues and season 4 will be tackling one issue that has been talked about a lot over the past month and has came at the perfect time, as the Orlando shooting recently happened. The Fosters helps us to experience what its like when people are under the influence of guns and how it can affect families massively. The new season explores the effects of a school shooting which, unfortunately, is quite a popular shooting range in the real world. This season The Fosters are taking it to a whole new level which will have us all an emotional wreck every week, but we can’t wait to see the issues they battle and how much they manage to shock us, if it’s even possible for them to shock us even more than they already have!
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