‘The Fosters’ Season 4, Episode 2 Review – ‘Safe’

Another intense episode ‘Safe’ has come and gone and this one is an extremely serious episode in which The Adams-Fosters family have to deal with a suicide attempt in their home. The Fosters are always dealing with situations that aren’t light and it is very important that we have a TV show where people who may also be dealing with these kind of situations, can be aware that there actually are people and communities out there that can help and guide them.

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‘Safe’ continues from the last episode ‘Potential Energy’ where the family have arrived back at home, unaware that Nick is also in their home, hiding. Mariana explains to the family what exactly has caused Nick’s outburst, causing Jesus to snap at his sister for her actions. Stef takes mobile phones and computers away in order to protect them for any rumours or nasty comments that will be surrounding all social media. Brandon goes to the garage to get his keyboard when he hears the floorboards above him creaking, Brandon does the right thing and leaves the garage instead of approaching the sound, which happens to be Nick.

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Callie, Mariana and AJ try to get in to the Fost and Found website to remove all comments regarding Brallie, only to find out Justina has locked them out of their own website that they created. Mariana demands on getting in to the website as she is out of the loop with what has happened between Brandon and Callie and calls the rumours disgusting, not knowing that the rumours are in fact true.

The family have a movie night in which ‘doesn’t involve guns or sex’, unfortunately for the mommas, this causes Mariana, Jesus and Jude to have a sex talk right in front of them, making us wonder how are they so chill talking about this in front of their parents!? Stef notices that Brandon didn’t lock the garage door so she heads out to do what she asked him to do and hears the floorboards creaking just like before, Stef searches the top floor of the garage to find nothing there. Where is Nick!?

Brandon and Callie talk quietly in Brandon’s room while everyone is sleeping about what Stef and Lena could do now they know about Brandon and Callie’s night in Idyllwild. Jude on the other hand is having dreams about Jack who recently passed away due to abuse in a foster home. Jack tells Jude “I’m still in the system, nobody wants me”.


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Brandon and Callie get caught by Stef, giving Brandon the perfect opportunity to snap at Stef for refusing to speak about everything. Again, Stef hears creaking but this time from the attic, however she ignores the sound figuring it was just rats and goes back to bed with Lena. Stef and Lena talk over Brallie, Stef is finding it extremely hard to trust them around each other while Lena believes that Callie and Brandon have put a stop to it and they won’t carry anything on behind their backs. Callie admits to Mariana that her and Brandon did have sex in Idyllwild.

Jesus tells Stef that Brandon has left the house when Stef specifically told him not to which gets her extremely mad and she drives up to Cortney’s house where he has escaped to.

Jude asks Lena if they could find out where Jack has been buried so they ring up Jacks Aunt who tells them that Jack’s body was cremated and his ashes cost $400 in which she wouldn’t spend as she only knew Jack when he was a baby.

Mariana and Callie speak about the night before where Callie admitted something huge, Mariana struggles to find anything to say except that it makes her feel sick Brandon and Callie were doing things in the cabin while she was asleep but she doesn’t judge due to the fact she had sex with Callie’s ex, Wyatt, on a beach during a school party.

“Some secrets should be kept.”

Stef shows up at Cortney’s house while Cortney and Brandon are in bed and naked which is extremely awkward but extremely hilarious! Brandon lashes out once again at Stef for pulling him and Callie apart. Stef blames Brandon for the night in Idyllwild as Callie was vulnerable and Brandon takes full responsibility, but instead of making up and heading home to his family, he decides that he is now going to live with Cortney as he has just turned 18 and nobody can stop him. Oh Brandon, life doesn’t work that way…

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Callie, Mariana and AJ succeed on getting in to the Fost and Found website and Mariana reroutes all the information from Fost and Found to a website called ‘Justice for Jack’ in order to take actions for Justina putting Jack in to an unsafe environment which sadly lead to his death.


Jude and Lena return home from dropping Jesus off to his friends, with Jack’s ashes which immediately tells us that they spent $400 to bring Jack home with them while Jack’s actual family members refused too. Absolutely heart melting!

While Mariana is relaxing in her bedroom, Nick appears from behind scaring the life out of Mariana but she keeps quiet so she can talk to him and make things right. Nick is incredibly unstable throughout this whole scene as he reveals his father used to beat him up which is a big reason as to why Nick has broken down alongside being terrified that he is going to lose Mariana due to witnessing her and Mat kissing goodbye, causing him to point the gun to his own head. Mariana assures Nick that he isn’t alone because he still has her but Nick will have absolutely none of it.

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Mat shows up at the Adams-Fosters home to check up on Mariana… Bad idea! Fortunately, Callie spots Nick with Mariana and stops Mat before he gets himself in to any danger. Mat runs to get Stef and when Stef approaches the room, we see that Mariana has convinced Nick to put the gun down as he is laying across her knees. Stef unloads the gun and moves it away from Nick’s reach which startles Nick up, grasping on to Mariana for his dear life as she is the only source of happiness in her life, however, for her own safety, Stef gently tells Nick to let Mariana go and assures him that everything is going to be okay.

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In the last scenes of the show you see Nick getting in to a police car, where he is being taken is unclear at the minute. Jude buries Jack under Frankie’s tree alongside Frankie and makes us all sob incredibly hard with his last words.

“Now you have a home.”

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The next step for Nick will be told in 2 weeks time when The Fosters comes back to our screens. It’s very unlikely that Nick will be placed in prison as although his father abused him, he wouldn’t let that happen! The promo shows us a small glimpse of Nick in all grey in what looks to be like a place where people with mental illnesses can be helped. Get well soon, Nick! Props to @Louis_Hunter for his incredible acting… So many people have showed incredible amounts of love to him for his acting, including co-star Cierra Ramirez, in which he replied with “Takes 2 to tango Miss Thang”.

It’s all just so exciting this season and if you’re as gutted as we are for the 2 week gap… We hope this new promo for episode 3 will keep you happy for the time being!

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