The Four Most Iconic Little Mix Empowerment Songs

There are over one million Little Mix songs and choosing only FOUR songs out of their entire discography is tough, because we just love them all.

But below are the four songs we believe are the most iconic Little Mix empowerment songs. These songs inspire, these songs are truthful, and most of all, these songs are the core of what Little Mix represent – unity.

1. Wings

From the start, Little Mix knew as a vocal group what kind of music they wanted to make. To start off with a song like ‘Wings’ as their first ever official song was their best move yet. It remains a fan favorite and its release prompted universal acclaim with many comparing it to the 90’s girl power anthems of the Spice Girls.

2. Change Your Life

A ballad that was written especially for Little Mix fans. This song is probably one of their most well written songs because they pinpoint not only females but males as well. (She captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor/Her image is distorted screaming, “Is it worth it anymore?)(His body starts to flicker like nobody wants to know his name/Just another soul with feelings but nobody’s there to feel the pain). They wrote a song to appeal to all and not just one set group. Overall, this R&B inspired anthem is a continuation of great empowerment and positive vibes.

3. Little Me

While it may not be as popular as their other released singles, ‘Little Me’s’ message is important because we can all somehow relate to it. How many times have we thought “Wow, if only I could go back in time and tell myself this or that?” It can happen multiple times and while not everyone may have experienced some kind of negative backlash in their lives, we can all easily sympathize and somehow relate no matter what the situation was or is.

4. Salute

This song was constantly compared to Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’, which is a massively amazing compliment – but to us, ‘Salute’ is more than just a Beyonce inspired girl power anthem. It’s an anthem that unites all women and doesn’t discriminate towards any kind of wear. The best line of the song single-handedly is “divas, queens we don’t need no man” – who doesn’t love a confident and independent woman? Not that there’s anything wrong with having a man, but you don’t HAVE to have a man. The point is, carry yourself high and mighty; don’t let the negativity affect you and glimmer into the spotlight.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.