Four Underrated Fifth Harmony Songs

Fifth Harmony has some great singles out there; especially “Worth It”, which has gone triple platinum. While “Worth It” is definitely a fantastic song, Fifth Harmony has plenty of great songs that haven’t hit the radio, or haven’t for a while.

In honor of those songs, here’s four underrated Fifth Harmony songs.

“Miss Movin On”

“Miss Movin On” was one of Fifth Harmony’s first singles, but it hasn’t been on the radio in ages. It really should be – it’s a very upbeat song with a great message. It’s all about starting over after some type of struggle, and letting that tragedy turn and make you stronger. It can be taken in a romantic sense, just like in the music video, but it doesn’t have to. It’s quite universal, which makes it incredibly awesome.


Fifth Harmony has always been about women empowerment, and once again they prove that’s what they stand for. In “Reflection”, it’s first thought that they’re talking to an attractive, impressive male. The song then makes a turn, when the girls state “Boy I ain’t talkin’ about you, I’m talking to my own reflection”. Instead of giving some boy all of these compliments, instead they’re giving it to themselves. In a world with so much self-hate, it’s great to have a song based around self-respect. It’s definitely worth a listen.

“Worth It”

Like said in the beginning, “Worth It” is constantly played on the radio. While the majority of radio listeners have heard it, a lot of them don’t know what it stands for. In the music video above, the girls use the song as a way to empower women. It’s all about women taking job positions typically held by men, and claiming that they’re “worth it”. Saying that they deserve these jobs and that they’re able to hold these positions just as well as men. It’s an anthem to girl power.

“Brave Honest Beautiful”

Once again, Fifth Harmony is sticking to good messages. “Brave Honest Beautiful” is another song telling girls that they’re worth it, telling them that they’re beautiful and brave and fearless. A lot of girls have a hard time accepting themselves, and Fifth Harmony tries their best to say hey, you’re you, and that’s incredible. It’s another song aimed towards self-confidence, and we really need more songs like it. Even if you’re not the biggest Fifth Harmony fan, this song really deserves a lot of credit.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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