FouseyTube wants to make YouTube positive again

On July 12, YouTuber FouseyTube released a video titled ‘Why RiceGum punched me… EXPOSED!’. In the video, FouseyTube shows his viewers how he staged a fight with fellow YouTuber, RiceGum. He explains that he wants to show how easy it is for drama channels to manipulate audiences. For those new to YouTube, a drama channel uses negative clickbait to draw in more viewers.

Fousey and RiceGum staged a prank that started with a Twitter beef and ended with RiceGum posting a video of him punching Fousey. They also show that the three main drama channels are already talking about it before RiceGum posts the videos.

At the end of the video, the message was simple. Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube drama channels. Furthermore, Fousey states that you should not find the misfortune of others entertaining. In conclusion, he wants more happiness and love to spread on YouTube.

Seems like that would be simple right? Wrong! The drama channels reacted to Fousey’s video. One channel goes as far as to call him a gay Muslim. They also call him out for faking most of his pranks.

As a result, Fousey posted another video. A long and positive rant. However, you should not let the length of the video stop you from watching it.

Throughout the video, Fousey talks about why he thinks drama channels are wrong. He calls them out for only spreading hate and negativity. He also talks about how they bait viewers to watch with dramatic headlines even though they think it is fake. In addition, Fousey explains that he wants drama channels to stop using fellow YouTubers brands to gain views.

However, drama channels are not the only one he is calling out. Even though he has already admitted to faking his pranks, Fousey takes the opportunity to call himself out for faking social experiments. He talks about how he changed his opinion and promises to never do it again.

Fousey talks about his own personal struggles with getting healthy and his mental disorder. He also states that without his viewers he would not been able to overcome his struggles.

FouseyTube starts #MakeYouTubePositiveAgain 2

At the end of the video, Fousey states that the change starts with the us as the viewers. He encourages us to stop giving the power to the drama channels of YouTube. He also states that we should start spreading love and leaving positive comments.

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