Frankie Grande stops by Big Brother 17

Whether you know him as Ariana Grande’s brother or Big Brother 16′ contestant, we all know him. Frankie Grande made an appearance on this latest season of Big Brother.

Frankie sported his infamous pink hair and snappy attitude to give BB 16′ contestant, Liz her prize. Liz won the Luxury award and chose Head of House (HoH) Vanessa to join her. There’s a good chance Liz just wanted to suck up to get her self another week in the house but we won’t talk about that..

Frankie announced the girls would be seeing Ariana Grande live at the Staples center in Los Angeles this Sunday night and meeting her.

The girls went with Frankie’s stylist so they wouldn’t be recognized at the concert. Being transformed into what we would call ‘Hot soccer mom’ and ‘Rocker chic’.

The girl arrived to the Staples Center in a ever so glamorous limousine, and were greeted by Frankie.

Before the show began the girls, as anyone would, strutted down the stage then quickly met the queen herself Ariana who was rocking a pair of the famous kitten ears.

The entourage made their way up to their seats to watch the, ‘Love Me Harder’ singer.

The last prize they received was a Grande ‘swag pack’, which included Ariana’s newest perfume before it had even came out, their very own pair of cat ears, and other goodies. Not to mention bragging rights among the other house guests.

Now why I don’t know if I could handle staying in a house for three months, the idea of being able to meet my favorite celebrity does sound arousing.

Although we missed seeing the other houseguest we can’t deny Frankie’s charm and hope to see him on future episodes of Big Brother.

Written by CelebMix