Frankmusik releases uplifting 'Day Break' music video 1

Frankmusik releases uplifting ‘Day Break’ music video

With a killer track and some seriously adorable dance moves, Frankmusik is once again making the world smile. His latest music video is sure to brighten up your day!

The synthpop star premiered the official visuals for his latest single ‘Day Break’ earlier this week and it’s fair to say that it’s definitely sent his fans into overdrive.

In the video, Frankmusik grooves through the beautiful streets of San Francisco at 6am in the morning. The talented singer-songwriter can also be seen playing a game of hopscotch – who says you can’t have fun whilst filming a music video?

It certainly looks like he had a blast during the shoot and that really translates on screen. The joyous visuals for the feel good tune were directed by Riley Hayes.

Teasing the release of the video, Frankmusik made fun of himself last week by saying: “My music video for ‘Day Break’ comes out next week! Still can’t dance!

‘Day Break’ serves as the title track of Frankmusik’s latest EP. The collection features eight songs in total and it’s currently available here on iTunes. Physical copies are also on sale here but they’re limited in quantity so make sure you grab one while you still can.

The EP is a great addition to Frankmusik’s already incredible discography. ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Anything You Want’ are our current favourites from the new record; both songs sound even more perfect when they’re being blasted out loud in the summer sunshine.

Frankmusik’s next live appearance will be at Manchester Pride. He previously performed at the LGBT festival in 2009 and is set to return to the stage there on the 28th August.

What do you think of Frankmusik’s official ‘Day Break’ music video? Will you be purchasing a copy of his latest EP? Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by Mark Willis

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