Your friend just got a boyfriend… now what!?

Your friend just got a boyfriend. Do you celebrate because you are happy for her or dread the breakup? You may or may not like her new relationship. It is easy to be happy for her, but deciding how to handle your friend and her new boyfriend can be difficult.

You both are happy

Your friend’s crush has finally asked her out and you both are so excited. You help her pick her outfit, apply her make up, and tell her don’t move too fast with him. After her date, your friend calls and tells you she really likes him. They begin to officially date and you could not be any happier for her.

It isn’t just you and your friend anymore, it’s her boyfriend too

When you two are together, all both of you talk about is her  love life. Literally, all you both talk about is him, all the time. It’s like you both are dating him. Even when your friend makes plans with you, she will probably find someway to bring her significant other with her. But you’ll forgive her because she’s your friend.

Third wheeling

Sometimes it is fun to hang out with your friend and her significant other. Third wheeling is not a crime. But if you’re following them home after dinner AND a movie, you could be third wheeling. Know when to hop off the tricycle and onto the unicycle for an evening.


You could get jealous your friend has a boyfriend. Moreover, you could be jealous of  her boyfriend. Boyfriends usually mean less time for friends. If your friend goes boy crazy and forgets about you, tell her. She is a good friend if she makes time for you. If not, it is time to give her some space and hang out with other friends.

Being second choice

You and your friend will make weekend plans like usual, but she will come up with an excuse to why she has to cancel. She is probably just hanging out with her boyfriend and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by canceling.

The break up, where she’ll come back running to you

Okay, you’ve started hanging out with other friends and it’s going great, but you still miss your friend. You’ve almost forgotten about your friend that’s forgotten you. You tell yourself that when they break up, you won’t take her back (but you know you will). They break up and she calls you, needing a shoulder to cry on. You take her back and you have your friend back again. No more Netflix alone on a Friday night – it will be Netflix with your friend again. Until the break up, or realization that your friend needs you, you’ll just miss her.


Written by CelebMix