Friends Fan Creates An Alternative Ending

The TV show “Friends” is one of the biggest American TV shows, it ran for 10 years and is still being shown 21 years later. Despite being shown on TV for so long it’s still as loved today as it was before, Comedy Central is running #FriendsFest as celebration, which sold out in minutes. The last episode is one of the most popular episodes to this day, however, one fan decided that it wasn’t enough. Twitter user @strnks came up with an alternative ending, and it’s kind of life ruining.

Friends Fan Creates An Alternative Ending 1

It turns out that the whole show was just Phoebe’s imagination, and she is actually a homeless meth addict. The 5 other friends were just random people who referred to Phoebe as “the crazy lady who always stares at us”. Every single episode was made up in Phoebe’s mind as she desperately wished for her own friends. Even her twin sister was just a figment of her imagination. The very final scene includes her walking away from Central Perk, returning to the park where she sleeps in front of the fountain we once saw all 6 friends dance around.


Although this ending is genius, and in a way it does make sense, it’s way sadder than the famous sitcom should ever be,  and it’s way harder to cope with as a huge friends fan.



Friends Fan Creates An Alternative Ending 1




Written by CelebMix