FRIENDS Top 5: Monica’s OCD

Monica Geller is well known as a very organised chef. In fact, at times her attitude towards cleanliness and her organisational capabilities make people think of her as a person with OCD about cleanliness. She has a unique knack of keeping everything in its orderly place. Furthermore , it is seen that at times when she can no longer stand the unorganisational skills of her friends she jumps into cleaning things up for them as well.

Here are some of the best frames of Monica Geller doing what she does the best – Keeping things clean. Some of these scenes would highlight her obsession for cleanliness while many might make the audience think that this habit of hers is a ‘bit too much’ . Well too much or not, these habits are present in many individuals and are a direct reflection of real life personalities.


Well, it seems that Monica is now on a lookout for a cleaner that cleans the bigger cleaner. Could she be more professionally organised ? , as Chandler would have said.


With Ms Geller, everything should be at its designated place. This would make it easier for her to find where each little thing is kept. Interestingly, she even thought of having a ribbon drawer .


She often nags people to clean up their space or room. Most of the times, chandler, being her husband is the victim of her constant nagging. However, as it seems that even after nagging when people do not work she does their work for them- in her sleep! So, Monica Geller Bing cleans in her sleep as well.


Labelling makes it so much easier to keep a track of what is where and the likes. So, she has come up with her own little label maker which she carries with herself to make things easier for her.


Last, but not the least, Monica’s organisational skills truely deserves an award. Does’nt it?

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Written by CelebMix