From $100K to over $3M – 51Blocks is taking its clients ’ success to the next level

Having a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business Marketing, Michael Borgelt is the face of digital marketing in today’s age and time. Soon after graduation, Michael joined a company as an administrator and programmer but moved to the marketing department because that’s what he wanted to do in life. It was there that he got the opportunity to experiment, and that’s how he entered the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This was the time when SEO was not even a well-known term, but through his strategies, he was able to surge the keyword ‘mortgage’ to the #1 position on Google with their website

With the results he experienced through this strategy, he realized the true potential of SEO, and from there, he never looked back. In 2009, he started his own white label digital marketing company, 51Blocks. The idea behind the company was to educate people about SEO since the concept was still new at that time, and people didn’t really understand why it was essential for marketing any business. He felt like it was the last even playing ground for small businesses to compete against the already established companies with bigger budgets. SEO turned out to be the perfect mix of his computer science and marketing background, and he loved both, so launching his own agency was a great fit for him.

Michael Borgelt’s skills and expertise in the field of SEO and strategic digital marketing shook the businesses and motivated them to move towards 51Blocks for the promotion of their brands and services. He continued helping his clients by educating them about digital marketing and its functions and soon dominated the white label digital marketing space with their unique client-facing services. As far as customer service is concerned, Michael takes pride in it because, according to him, 51Blocks is the best option in the market, considering the amount the company charges.

51Blocks handles search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), and social media with proven results in some of the most competitive industries. The firm believes in showing the true value of digital marketing. They do not just report on rankings, traffic, and leads but go a step further with their custom reporting solution that shows the return on investment, return on ad spend and lifetime value of a customer. Over time they have shown growth of around 30 to 50 percent for their clients on average. In fact, one client has gone from $100k to $3M with the agency’s help. This is a prime example of a company’s true transformation through digital marketing. Along with this, Michael also enjoys helping businesses grow outside of digital marketing. Another partner he helped  went from $0 to $9M in three years and then sold the company for $11M. 

Always eager to learn and experiment with new things, Michael believes that it’s a continuous process and you can never say that you know everything. With the constant advancements in the digital space, one can never stop learning, especially when it comes to developing new strategies and making better business plans. While it is not as “easy” to rank as it was back in the day, there is still plenty of opportunities in the digital marketing space because this is where the “eyeballs” are. Hence, it’s imperative to keep upgrading your skills. 

Moreover, to make it big in any industry, it’s essential to have the right mindset and attitude. Every day there will be ups and downs, but in order to achieve one’s goals staying focused on working with a positive mindset is the key. “This is something I am super passionate about. Even as a kid my mother would have me visualize what I wanted to achieve. This is a major aspect of my life and I think if you have a clear enough picture of what you want, you can achieve anything… really,” stresses Michael. “Like I viziualized myself standing on the floor at Staples Center for seven years and that exact moment happened. The mind is the most powerful muscle we have in our body and when we focus it on something we are passionate about, we can achieve amazing things,” he adds.

Irrespective of the industry, 51Blocks has been achieving 20 to 40 percent lead growth year after year. The lead growth is not just traffic and rankings but actual annual growth. This proves that the strategies Michael and his proficient team have been applying are working, helping their clients to thrive. Michael also owns BionicWP, which helps agencies with managed WordPress hosting needs and focuses on amazing customer support. 

Michael Borgelt did not taste success overnight. It was due to his hard work, devotion and passion for fulfilling his dreams that he was able to do wonders not for himself but for his clients as well. 

Written by TedFuel