Frozen Set To Make A Big Return

Frozen fans everywhere will be delighted to hear that the infamous franchise will be returning in the form of a book and TV series. This announcement comes in the wake of Finding Dory, the sequel to every 90’s and millennial kid’s favourite fish film. Usually we’re given recovery time from such an event, but Disney has gone full steam ahead with plans for the wintry world to return.

Frozen Fans Fear No More

Prior to this announcement, the only news on the franchise came from the Disney Theatrical Group who told us they will be performing a musical adaptation in 2018. Given this drought of information, fans may have been feeling slightly… ice-olated without Olaf and his warm hugs. But Frozen is back and better than ever so it’s time to Let It Go!

That’s right, the Frozen world will be returning to our lives through a series called Frozen Northern Lights.

Frozen Fans Fear No More 1

In addition to this wonderful news, fans will be delighted to know the first book will be released this July! Furthermore, everyone should be ready to turn on Disney Channel as the TV shorts will begin airing this September with a special episode from LEGO.

Perhaps most noteworthy, is a statement from Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf):

“The shorts are unbelievably cool. Fans are absolutely going to love it. All of the voice talent from the original film is back. This is going to be unbelievable you guys.”

For more information on Frozen’s return, click here.

Alternatively, if you want to brush up on your lyric knowledge, enjoy this official lyric version of Let It Go:


All in all, we can’t wait to be thrown back into the world of Anna and Elsa. Let us know your thoughts either in the comments or over on our Twitter: @CelebMix .


Written by CelebMix