‘Fuller House’ Renewed For Season 2 – Will Mary-Kate and Ashley Join?

On Wednesday Netflix tweeted out that ‘Fuller House’ renewed for a second season just a week after it’s season 1 premier on the streaming service.

The ‘Full House’ revival debuted on February 26 but the second season’s premier date has yet to be announced.  ‘Fuller House’ stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber and also features cameos from John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Laughlin.

The revival follows the life of recently widowed DJ Tanner-Fuller (Cameron Bure) as she raises her three sons with the help of sister Stephanie (Sweetin) and childhood BFF Kimmy Gibbler (Barber).

But the real question is, will Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen make an appearance in season 2? The twins initially declined to be part of the Netflix revival, but there may be a chance that the Olsen twins will sign on for Season 2. Even if t’s for just an hour we hope the Olsen twins will be apart of it.

Even though the Olsen twins did not appear in ‘Fuller House’ that didn’t stop the show from mentioning what their character, the youngest Tanner daughter Michelle, was up to. According to the show, Michelle is busy in New York running her fashion empire.

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Written by CelebMix