5SOS Funniest Fetus Tweets

We all know 5SOS can be the dorkiest people ever. They prove it a lot with the unusual and random tweets that they occasionally send. It could range from promo, tumblr pictures, a funny conversation, or, of course, adorably awkward selfies. Here are just a few examples of fetus tweets that got us wondering just what goes through their beautiful minds.


5SOS Funniest Tweets 2

Our Malum hearts can’t take this! All of us just about died at this point. They should tweet each other like this more often if you ask us. Oh, and poor Ashton is all alone, good thing he has millions of us here for him whenever he needs us!


5SOS Funniest Tweets 3







Michael has got to be one of the most relatable celebrities of all time, like this tweet literally describes half of the fam. He tweets stuff like this pretty often, and we aren’t complaining. He is pretty much the spokesman of all us nerds, geeks, and just plain out lazy people.


5SOS Funniest Tweets 4

Aww, Calum you are too kind! Even though this tweet was a while ago, all of the boys tweet stuff like this frequently. It’s good that they have such a close bond with the fans and that they aren’t afraid to show it.


5SOS Funniest Tweets 5

Luke, why do you have to be such a dorky, beautiful human just like the rest of 5SOS? “We are a serious band,” yeah, very serious. But don’t worry, most of us like Icarly too.


5SOS Funniest Fetus Tweets 1

Oh Ashton, having trouble balancing your masculine side with your feminine one? Well, it’s a good thing we love both! If you need someone to watch cute movies with, you can hit us up anytime.

So what are your favorite fetus 5SOS tweets? Leave a comment down below or tweet us @CelebMix


Written by LaurenHauck