Future Now Tour 411

Average set times:
Doors: 6:30pm
Mike Posner: 7:30pm-8:10pm
Nick/Demi: 8:30pm-10:20pm

Mike Posner average setlist:
1. Be as You Are
2. All The Way Up
3. Cooler Than Me
4. Please Don’t Go
5. I Took a Pill in Ibiza

Average main setlist:
1. “Levels” (Jonas)
2. “Champagne Problems” (Jonas)
3. “Good Thing” (Jonas)
4. “The Difference” (Jonas)
5. “Bacon” (Jonas)
6. “Numb” (Jonas)
7. “Chains” (Jonas)
8. “Confident” (Lovato)
9. “Heart Attack” (Lovato)
10. “Neon Lights” (Lovato)
11. “For You” (Lovato)
12. “Body Say” (Lovato)
13. “Fix a Heart” (Lovato)
14. “Nightingale” (Lovato)
15. “Warrior” (Lovato)
16. “Lionheart” (Lovato)
17. “Stone Cold” (Lovato with Jonas on piano)
18. “Chainsaw” (Jonas)
19. “Close” (Jonas with Lovato)
20. “Jealous” (Jonas)
21. “Give Your Heart a Break” (Lovato)
22. “Skyscraper” (Lovato)
23. “Cool for the Summer” (Lovato)

Nick Jonas Soundcheck:
Nick sings three songs then answers three questions for fans who pre-ordered his album. Check in is 2:15pm-3:40pm. Nick comes on stage around 4pm. Have a question ready!

Is it worth it: For $14, you get an album and a private mini concert. This is currently sold out so if you didn’t buy in advance, there is slim to none of a chance to get in.

Cast Centers on Tour:
From Cast Centers on Tour directly- “CAST Centers on Tour is an exclusive, invite-only event held in 44 cities alongside Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Future Now tour. When the tour comes to your city, those invited to attend will hear from inspirational voices such as CAST alum, Demi Lovato, along with many others.

CAST Centers on Tour is an experience designed to help you find the inspiration to become your best self.”

You must be eighteen years or older to attend this event. Check in begins at 4:45pm. Typically starts around 6pm, once Demi and Nick’s meet and greets are over. Nick and Demi may be in attendance but they will not take photos, sign autographs or interact with fans. They are there for the same reason you should be, to get inspired.

Is it worth it: It’s a free event! But the real take away is that you get inspired to be your best self. Sign up HERE.

Nick and Demi VIP by HOST:
-Meet Nick Jonas for $400
-Meet Demi Lovato for $400
-Meet them both and sit side stage for $1,500
-Play ping pong with Nick for $3,500
-Have your own dressing room and do other insane things that you fantasize about for $10,000

Is it worth it: If you have the money, yes.

Outdoor vs. indoor:
Indoor show has a massive graphics screen. Outdoor has smoke and pyro. (We preferred our outdoor show better.)

Show review:
Pros: No auto tune here! These two have some of the best voices in the business! You can’t help but sing and dance to all their hits and fall in love with them over and over again.

Cons: We really wish Demi at least played one instrument and Nick played more than just piano. Imagine Nick playing drums during “Body Say”? Or Demi playing guitar during “The Difference”? They also could have sung more than one song together and had equal sets.

Plan on seeing the Future Now Tour, let us know which date @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix