Gail Porter has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house

The TV presenter was ecstatic when her name was called out by Emma Willis and as she left the Big Brother house.

Emma asked if anyone expected Scoop (who was also evicted tonight) to go, Gail answered: ”No, I even said it to him today because I gave him a little foot massage and we were having a chat and I said ‘No way will the UK vote you out because your so kind, you’re funny’, he did nothing wrong, at all.”

Emma continued the interview by asking Gail her first thoughts on how she would approach trying to become nominated by ‘Jarrah’ in the nominations twist this week: ”Well, I thought I’d try the ‘oh, I miss everyone and I want to go home thing’ and I tried to do an impression of Farrah, which I can actually do quite well, but, then I felt do you know what, this is not me and I felt really bad” she explained.

When she was asked what the most difficult thing in the early days was, Gail replied: ”Well obviously you’re sharing a bedroom with a bunch of people.

”There are a lot of egos, lots of people shouting and snoring and people not obeying any rules and of course, I misssed my daughter and my friends”.

Gail said in her interview that she loved the tasks including the task that involved fish guts being poured over their heads.

Asked about Stevi & Chloe Jasmine, Gail said: ”They were in a bed next to me during the Royal Family task and okay, they can have a cuddle but they like suck each others faces off”.

Written by CelebMix