Games that will dominate the market in 2021

The gaming industry has steadily increased in popularity since the 70s and 80s. In such a fast-paced, mercurial sector, new areas of the industry balloon in popularity and develop dedicated followings of gamers and fans every year. 

Several different games, platforms, and gaming sectors are poised to take over the market in 2021 and set the industry ablaze. Keep reading to learn more about these games and platforms that, very likely, have a big year ahead of them.  

Major releases

It should come as no surprise that 2021 will see some major releases from the gaming industry titans. Arkane Studios is set to release Deathloop, another chapter in their critically acclaimed Dishonoured series. Deathloop involves a time loop narrative and features excellent graphics inspired by the 70s that give the game a Tarantino ambiance. 

Tango Gameworks is also planning on releasing the long-awaited Ghostwire: Tokyo game, which draws heavily on Japanese myth and folklore to create a genuinely chilling game – perfect for fans of the horror genre. Ghostwire: Tokyo takes elements of Ghost in the Shell, Bladerunner, and Japanese myth and creates a visually compelling (if terrifying) game. 

Far Cry 6 is another major release that is slated for 2021 from producer Ubisoft. Far Cry 6 is thought to be a prequel to Far Cry 3, explaining how Vaas, the Far Cry protagonist, became so maladjusted. The launch of Far Cry 6 has not been officially announced, so you will need to keep your ear to the ground. However, once this game is released, it is sure to be just as popular as all of the other Far Cry games in the series. 

Micro-indie games

Independent artistic games that rely heavily on narrative and visual storytelling, rather than action, have had something of a moment in the sun for the last few years. Boyfriend Dungeon is one of the top indie games to watch for in 2021; this game involves a dungeon-crawling dating sim and sentient weapons with their own personalities. 

Garden story from Nintendo is another game that has been slotted to receive a lot of attention in 2021. This game is undeniably adorable – it features a tiny, sentient grape who works with his friends to reforest his homeland. 

Finally, She Dreams Elsewhere is going to be a hit indie game in 2021. This indie game features gorgeous graphics, well-developed narratives, and role-playing – what more could you want from an indie game? 

Online casinos and mobile gambling

The online casino industry has essentially exploded in popularity over the last five years. The extended lockdowns and quarantines of the previous 12 months have helped boost online casino and gambling apps’ popularity. They have expanded their reach to consumer populations that previously would not have used them. 

There are now so many different online casinos on the market that it can be genuinely intimidating for new users to try to find the right online gambling platform to use. makes it much easier for novice and veteran gamblers to find the best online casinos through its comprehensive lists of online casinos according to various traits and benefits such as no deposit bonuses and registration offers. 

The online casino market has been growing and diversifying at a dizzying rate, and market researchers have predicted that the market will not slow down any time soon. Now is a great time to start playing online casino games as the market is heavily diversified, and online casinos are continually vying for consumer attention through competitive bonus offers. 

Streaming platforms

Before 2018, streaming platforms were a relatively niche sector of the gaming industry. However, throughout the last few years, they have increased exponentially in popularity. Platforms like Twitch allow gamers to live stream their gaming and chat with fans. The highly social aspect of streaming platforms has been instrumental in their increase in popularity over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic as large numbers of people were feeling socially isolated. 

Looking ahead, streaming platforms will become more significant than ever in 2021. In late 2020 politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jagmeet Singh used Twitch to connect with young people, play Among Us, and discuss their politics and hopes for the year ahead. It is likely that streaming platforms will quickly become more normalized and associated with other popular social media platforms. 

Written by Monella