Gemma Styles supports ‘rough sleepers’ with StreetLink App

The Styles family has always been regarded as kind, compassionate, giving, and inspiring. Both Harry and Gemma styles speak out about issues that involve young adults all across the country and, in their respective regards, inspire those around them to do the same and to strive to be better. Two people with spirits as bright as theirs could only come from a strong and equally loving background and for Harry and Gemma, that is Anne Styles – their mum.  Anne is involved with many charities that better the lives of people in her own community and around the world; setting a fine example for her children.

Gemma Styles used her social media reach this week to tweet about the Street Link App which helps those ‘sleeping rough’ in the UK.  Street Link asks you a few questions about the rough sleeper, as in the nearest building location, where you’ve seen them sleeping, and at what times so that they can try to find the best means of help.

It also gives you the option to report your own rough sleeping, which some people may find easier than going to ask for help in a way that makes them vulnerable. Becoming homeless is hard enough on its own and the stigma that surrounds people who have to live on the streets is even harder to deal with.

Sleeping rough only gets harder to overcome as time goes on, people who live on the streets are more likely to fall victim to disease, drug and alcohol addiction, and being affected by crime.

Gemma Styles supports Street Link App 1

Right now, StreetLink operates in England and Wales which provides the public with a number of opportunities to help people. While it’s a sad fact, most people have seen rough sleepers during their day to day lives, sometimes every single day, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re homeless or not, with StreetLink, you don’t have to ask. You just make a report if you’re concerned and the proper resources are provided for them as soon as possible.

With the weather growing colder and days growing shorter, there’s no better time than now to try to help get as many people off the street as possible, and with technology being what it is today, we’re rarely without a phone. This makes it easier than ever to change someone’s life – a warm bed at night can make all the difference.

Visit StreetLink online and find it in your app or google play store for your mobile devices. You can also share Gemma’s tweet to let people on your own social media know how they can help as well.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.