German YouTuber receives hate for meeting One Direction

A few weeks ago the One Direction management got in touch with the German youtuber Bibis Beauty Palace and asked her if she would like to interview two of the boys. Well she did and One Direction fans are not happy.

When she first announced the exciting news of her interview with the boys it didn’t took very long and the One Direction fans startet trending the hashtag #savetheboysfrombibi on Twitter.

Today the video finally went online and now many of the fans feel embarrassed or ashamed because they think Bibi represented Germany poorly. They say her English is “awful” and they “wouldn’t be surprised if the boys don’t come to Germany any more”.

Bibi meets One Direction 1

Personally I think this is really rude and she did a quite good job. There are interviewers who speak even worse than her and I’m sure she speaks way better English than some of the haters.

The video itself is about 10 minutes long. She started asking a few questions and continued with a ‘guess the song’ – challenge.

She only interviewed Louis and Liam ’cause Harry and Niall where at another interview at the same time. Lilo seemed like they had fun and Bibi did a pretty good job.

The fans shouldn’t forget that she actually did this interview for them and she really tried to make it as good as she can. Have some respect guys.

You can watch the video here:

Written by CelebMix