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How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Premiere Recap


Secrets, heartbreak and lies, what else would you expect from the season premiere of How To Get Away With Murder? Since the cliffhanger season two ending, it has been a long wait to finally gain answers to all of those burning questions and it’s safe to say that we finish the new episode with more questions than what we started with.

Of course, we can’t possibly discuss everything that happened in this explosive episode but we certainly can focus on some of the most interesting moments from the TV spectacle.

The first of the many questions is; Did Frank kill Wes’ father? At this point in time, all signs are pointing to yes, he did. He was conveniently in New York with Wes and then just happened to disappear after the mysterious murder. Plus, it’s not as if Mr Delfino is completely against the idea of murder.. cough Lila cough However, knowing the show, we could be 100% convinced that we know the truth only for another spanner to be put into the works so let’s not point any fingers right now.  Towards the end of the episode, we also see that Annalise had hired a hit-man to track down Frank but that backfires

Oh and we can also take a brief moment to appreciate the shaving scene where Frank’s glorious beard and full head of hair became no more. We didn’t think it was possible for him to get anymore attractive but it seems as if we were very much mistaken.

Flash forward by four months and the Keating 5 are starting a new class at Middleton Law School — a pro-bono law clinic taught by no other than Annalise Keating. We are introduced to a new handful of students who are unimpressed by the K5 due to the fact they got into the class simply due to favouritism and not their academic ability. We find out later on in the episode that all of them were in the bottom 10% of the class after their first year which isn’t a surprise given the fact they spend more time covering up their own dirty secrets than studying for their exams.

The second question we need an answer to is; Who is behind the ‘killer’ signs? Just seconds into the first class of the new year, Mrs Keating pulls down the board, revealing a picture of herself, labelled with the word ‘killer’ underneath. Although she claims it was just a student who was upset about not being accepted into the class, we know that there is a much darker meaning behind this strange occurrence.

Throughout multiple flashbacks, we also find a new meaning to ‘we know what you did last summer.’ Annalise had an encounter with all of the Keating 5 during the break, with the most memorable arguably being the conversation she had with Connor Walsh in an inflatable swimming pool. Connor makes Annalise promise that she will not hire his boyfriend, Oliver Hampton, as he believes that him getting involved will be a risk to his safety. (Honestly, we agree. If anything happens to Oliver, we’ll throw our TV screen out of a window.)

However, it is obvious that Annalise isn’t a pro at keeping promises as just minutes later, we see Oliver requesting a job and admitting to her that he deleted Connor’s acceptance letter to Stanford. He made it clear that his hacking skills are pretty amazing and although she initially rejects his proposal, she approaches Connor, tells him her intention to hire Oliver and then also shares the secret of his lie.

And cue the most heartbreaking scene of the opening episode. Connor and Oliver, commonly known as ‘Coliver’, are no more. Oliver is understandably confused when Connor doesn’t appear to be mad when the truth about his actions are revealed. He suddenly comes to the realisation that both of them have changed so much and that something just isn’t right with their relationship anymore. This is probably due to the fact that Connor has kept way too many secrets from him that he can’t possibly get angry at him for lying too. Oliver is going through big life changes and that is shown through his decision to break off the relationship that we have grown to love over the past two seasons. We know, it’s devastating. We have tissues if you need some to wipe your tears.

We are also going to see the weekly sub-cases in season three, the first of those being Karim Assif who has been arrested for possession of marijuana with the intention of distribution. The competition between the students is rekindled, with each of them fighting to find a way to win their case. Sadly, despite their various attempts and theories, they were unsuccessful and as a result, Mr Assif was deported back to Iraq, even though he was an innocent man.

The episode concludes with yet another one of the show’s iconic cliffhangers. The opening scene of the episode is repeated and what we thought was the aftermath of the shooting of Wallace Mahoney in New York, was in fact a clip of what is to come. The scene shows a sheet covered body being taken away, followed by Annalise being shown the identity of who has fallen. However, the audience gets no sort of closure. After a blood boiling scream, the camera pans away from her and lands on her home, which was engulfed in a huge blaze.

Who started the fire? Why was it started? Who won’t make it out of season three alive? Is Annalise truly upset or is she acting this way so that she doesn’t seem like a suspect? There are so many questions that probably won’t be answered until the season finale so sit tight, folks, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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