Get Involved with Louis Tomlinson’s Birthday Drive to benefit Believe in Magic

Believe in Magic is a charity that’s been close to Louis Tomlinson’s heart for some time now and he’s not the only member of One Direction who has been involved with the organization. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan have all worked with the charity in some way over the last six years, which means they’ve all helped enhance the lives of children in need and helped make some of their biggest wishes come true.

Louis is no stranger to charity, he’s actually got one of the most giving hearts of any celebrity today; he’s given his time, his heart, his ‘fortune’, and his kindness to a number of organizations in the past. From Believe in Magic and the Eden Dora Trust to visiting sick children in the hospital or helping the families of children in need get through difficult times, he’s proven time and time again that if there’s a way he can make the world brighter, he’s going to do it, and never for the recognition.

Believe in Magic is a charity run and organized by 16-year-old Meg Bhari, who has endured over 23 operations and has been ill a lot of her life, wanted to make sure other children had a sense of happiness and magic in their own lives.  Meg and her mum Jean have changed the lives of children all across the UK because of Believe in Magic.

Not long ago, it was revealed that when Louis had a bad day (especially in the media) he’d go to his mum and suggest making someone else’s day better. He wanted to be the reason for someone’s smile, even if his own was missing. As far as an idol goes or when it comes to deciding what makes a person a hero, we’d say it’s that exact sentiment.

One of the biggest things Louis has done with Believe in Magic was hosting a magical charity ball in 2015. Louis took the pain and the anguish away from a number of sick children and their families for a day and turned their lives into a fairytale. He made the little boys and girls tiny princes and princesses’ for a day, with a red carpet entrance into the castle to the lavish decorations inside and the treats and stations set up for the children to enjoy, he gave them memories to last a lifetime.

A week ago today, the Believe in Magic information twitter put out a tweet with some excitement about something they had planned happening in a week, and yesterday they revealed that it had something to do with Louis. This comes as no surprise to fans of Louis or those who have been touched by the charity, he’s an advocate for it and a face frequently associated with BIM.

It was revealed on November 24th that #LouisTomlinsonBIM was a hashtag used to get the word out about a fundraiser for Louis’ birthday on December 24th. The money raised will go to the Believe in Magic charity.

We spoke to Hannah, Rebecca, and Kristy – who ran a similar charity drive to benefit Believe in Magic for Harry Styles’ birthday – and they told us why this drive and this cause was so important to them.

“Next month it is Louis Tomlinson’s birthday and as he is a big supporter of the charity, we also wanted people to be able to donate to a charity that means a lot to him as a birthday gift. We hope that everyone can get involved, donate any amount they can and share it with their friends! This would mean a lot to Louis, as an ambassador of the charity and we will all be very grateful for your kindness!”

The goal set now is £500 before Louis’ birthday, but that should be no challenge for fans of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction, they come together to show support and love for the boys in any way that they can, and what better way to do so than by impacting the lives of children; something Louis is so passionate about himself.

To donate you can visit their charity page here and if you live in the UK you can text LTOM60 followed by a donation amount to 70070.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.