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Shania Kids Can is a charity set up by the Canadian superstar Shania Twain.

The singer grew up as one of five children with her parents in Timmins Canada, and the ‘Come On Over’ hitmaker has always been very open about her childhood admitting that most days she and her siblings would go to school with no lunch and return home to no dinner.

But the now the 50-year-old star is a recording mega-star and multi-millionaire, but the down to earth country singer has never forgotten her roots.

So the star set up her own charity to give back and help children through difficult situations.

The charity Shania Kids Can was set up by the most successful country singer of all time to help children through poverty.

The charity works with schools across America and Canada and sets up clubhouses in the schools so that the kids can get support, food and take part in after school activities including song-writing classes and also get assistance from a trained therapist.

The kind hearted star hopes that her foundation will help the children gain success in both their personal lives and career choices.

Shania Twain posted a very personal message about the foundation on the official website for the charity and speaking about the mission and goals of her charity the pop/country singer said: “Similar to my childhood experience, many children still remain under the radar of social services as, while they endure family dysfunction, the neglect or abuse may not justify intervention according to the agencies guidelines.  It’s incredibly humiliating to be faced with the exposure of dysfunction in the family home; some children go to great lengths to cover up their situation and, unfortunately, succeed.”

“There are many causes for family dysfunction that could result in a disadvantaged school life:  economic challenges, single parent family, drug or alcohol problems in the home, domestic violence, over-worked parents, illness in the family, to name a few. These kids often go to school tired, hungry, emotionally stressed and not as ready to learn as the other students.”

“The Shania Kids Can program will identify children who are experiencing hardship at school due to unfortunate circumstances in their personal lives and provide a discrete form of assistance – a place where they feel they can safely communicate that they are hungry or tired, explain why they were absent from school, or some other misgiving they may find is embarrassing or demeaning.  Fulfilling these basic needs and diminishing the social challenges, Shania Kids Can will provide when needed, lunches, field trip expenses, moral support, basic hygiene tools and education, homework assistance and clothing items.  If the student has retreated from socializing, integration into the school community will be nurtured. “

“Providing support to these students at school, where they spend so much of their time, will help to lessen the stresses of their home-life dysfunction and enable them to recognize, handle and prevent issues that could appear in their adolescent and adult years.  The Shania Kids Can program can contribute toward the prevention of destructive behavior that often develops as these students mature.  Statistics show very clearly that troubled children are more likely to become burdens on society in the way of teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, high school dropouts, violence, prostitution, suicide and criminality.  The SKC site explains more on these statistics in more detail.”

“If we support our children at the primary age and teach them to become responsible, confident, proactive members of their school community, despite personal setbacks, I believe very strongly that they will have a much better chance at personal success in the future and grow to be positive contributors to society rather than becoming a statistic and burden on society. These students need to know that they are understood and that they CAN overcome the disadvantages in their personal lives.”

“It’s unacceptable for us to stand by and watch any child in this modern society suffer right before our eyes when there is something we CAN do about it.  The Shania Kids Can program will pick-up the ball when the primary adult in a young child’s life drops it; it will fill in the gaps so the child can participate more and feel included in the school community.  I know these kids CAN do it, and we CAN help them.”

“I hope we CAN rely on you to help support these children and increase their chances for personal success.”

You can read Shania Twain’s full message about the foundation by visiting the official Shania Kids Can website.

While being an American and Canadian based charity, whatever country you come from you can still get involved by donating to the cause.

To find out how to get involved in the Shania Kids Can charity and to find out how to donate you can visit the official website.

For more information on the work of the charity and to keep updated on their work you can follow them on Twitter @shaniakidscan.

What do you think of the Shania Kids Can charity? Will you be getting involved? Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix or leave a comment below.


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