Get lost, Get found.. Have you seen ‘Paper Towns’?

WOW what a great actress she was in the film based on the novel written by John green ‘Paper Towns’. 
Sitting in the cinema I knew I was only there to see Miss Delevingne own it and she did! However, I grew to like all characters but the connection Margo and Quentin had was something that you wanted more of! 
Watching them from children to young adults embarking on there adventurous journeys was great to see, until one night, something happened and Margo vanished!
I definitely recommend going to watch this film whether you’ve read the book or not! (I hadn’t read it but instantly was hooked from the opening credits) 

“The town was paper, but the memories were not” 
MASSIVE WELL DONE TO YOU CARA!! You played Margo excellently!  

Written by CelebMix