Little Mix’s Get Weird Tour Becomes Best Selling Girl Group Tour This Decade So Far

The “Get Weird Tour” is literally almost close to selling out completely. There are just a few locations left before the whole show is sold out! Not only are Little Mix performing two shows at the huge O2 arena, but some of their European stops had to be upgraded because of the high demand!

With over 500,000+ expected to attend the tour, the “Get Weird Tour” is now, so far, the best selling girl group tour this decade (in terms of attendance). The last HUGE girl group tour was “The Return Of The Spice Girls Tour” which grossed over 70 million in revenue! Girls Aloud also did a reunion tour and sold over 200,000 tickets back in 2013, in addition to U.S. girl group Fifth Harmony whose “Reflection Tour” attracted over 30,000 fans and grossed over 1 million dollars. K-pop girl group SNSD also had the “Girls’ Generation World Tour Girls & Peace” in 2013 with over 100,000 in attendance.

Little Mix’s “Salute Tour” actually did pretty well considering it was only U.K./Ireland based with 180,080 in attendance and a £4,513,649 revenue which is equivalent to more than 6 million dollars.

The Get Weird Tour has more than QUADRUPLE their last tour attendance and is expected to gross fairly high.

In fact, if Little Mix happen to extend (crossing our fingers) their tour into South America (Brazil, Argentina, etc) and North America (U.S., Mexico, Canada) we could see even more huge numbers for the girl group!

All that being said, The “Get Weird Tour” will probably end up being one of the most highest grossing tours for a female vocal girl group this decade (and perhaps just the highest in general this decade) which is superb considering the amount of success Little Mix have had these past few years.

Little Mix's Get Weird Tour Becomes Best Selling Girl Group Tour This Decade So Far 1

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Written by Dannii C.

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