Ghita shares new single Out Of My Life

Ghita has released her latest single Out of My Life. Ghita (pronounced Rita). She has made a big impact from just three self-released singles. Those tracks have already hit 5 million streams, with fan favourite ‘HateULoveU’ hitting Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50.

‘Out Of My Life’ was produced by the Grammy-winning production team The Stereotypes, whose credits include Bruno Mars and Cardi B.

The song emerged unexpectedly during Ghita’s final writing session before Christmas. It started off as a reggae-influenced track, but Ghita’s piano-playing switched it to a ballad before it evolved once more to become a slick, dynamic pop banger.

The emotion of the track is captured in the accompanying video, which was filmed in London by Jimi Drosinos. It cuts between two narratives split by a short period of time. In the first, Ghita is in the midst of a romance that appears to be blossoming. Yet in the second they’ve clearly separated. She runs errands around London, her star quality shining through with the help of a vintage Mercedes-Benz sports car. But her seemingly ordinary routine masks a darker tale…

While the video is darkly comic, it also reflects a serious point about Ghita’s perspective. She’s determined to blaze her own trail and in the process offer fans an inspiring example of making things happen for yourself. It’s about owning her destiny as an independent, creative woman – there’s no point wasting time pining over broken relationships.

A key part of Ghita’s creative process is to make music instinctively based on her mood rather than over-thinking it. There’s a big pop influence in her sound, but it’s always informed by other elements: plenty of R&B flavour, some rapping alongside her singing, and occasionally a touch of hip-hop.

She also stands out as a rare trilingual artist who expresses a variety of vibes and emotions via different languages. In addition to English, we can’t wait to hear Ghita using French (her first language) and Arabic in future tracks. 

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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