GIANTmicrobes is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

We all want to find something fun and unique to give our loved ones on Valentine’s Day – and the latest release from GIANTmicrobes could be exactly what you need!

GIANTmicrobes offers educational toys and gifts, and, since founding in 2002, has offered more than 400 incredible products based on microorganisms, cells, vitamins and other biological concepts. Perfect for students, scientists, teachers, health professionals and anyone with a healthy sense of humor, these toys are perfect as gifts throughout the year – and Valentine’s Day is no exception!

The company’s latest release includes two new heart boxes – the Heart Warming box features a kissing disease with lips, a sperm cell with a baby blue rattle, an egg cell with hearts, penicillin with pink pom poms, and a pink amoeba with rose. Does anything else scream “I love you” like a cuddly sperm cell with a baby blue rattle? We’re struggling to think of anything off the bat.

Or, if you’re really feeling the love and want to treat your partner to something special, then the Heart Burned box is another option that you could consider. This box also includes the adorable penicillin with pink pom poms and comes with pox with a snake tongue and fangs, HPV with a frog, chlamydia with devil horns, and herpes with flames. Romantic, huh!?

And if you’re considering buying GIANTmicrobes, now couldn’t be a better time. With their “Say it With Heart”, you could win all five hearts from their Say it With Heart collection plus 1 Heart box you select. All you need to do is write the most compelling, poetic, hilarious or wonderful story – and three winners will receive all 5 Hearts. The contest ends on February 9, and winners will be chosen on February 12, so act fast if you want to win!

Written by Jack