Gig Review: Beyonce in Detroit

Beyoncé has become a household name not only in the United States, but worldwide. It was no surprise that when the opportunity to go to her latest world tour arose, we here at CelebMix jumped to attend.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter started her ‘Formation World Tour’ just days after her newest album Lemonade dropped. The album features high-energy dance beats mixed with a generous amount of girl power and slow melodies.  Along with the songs, Beyoncé also released a full length “movie” (an extended music video compilation of the album).

Gig Review: Beyonce in Detroit 2

The concert took place at the Detroit Lion’s Ford Field Stadium, where a huge stage and extended catwalk covered half of the floor. The decorated stage contained a massive electronic box and colorful lights surrounding.

While walking around the stadium, it was evident that Beyonce fans were not here to mess around. There were people in simple ‘I Woke Up Like This ‘ shirts, and some decked out in full Bey ensemble from previous shows. After talking to a boy who came all the way from Washington, it was clear that this show was worth watching.

The lights dimmed on the stage around 9 pm after DJ Khaled, the opening act, finished his pump up session. The stadium wasn’t dark as the sun was still setting outside, but when Beyonce stepped out on that stage, she seemed to be the only light. She strutted out with her dance squad as the beat to ‘Formation’ vibrated through the screaming crowd.

Gig Review: Beyonce in Detroit 4

The interesting thing to note about this concert was that it didn’t follow a traditional format. The concert followed 36 songs, almost double of what any other artist would play. Beyonce did not sing the entirety of each song, though. She played around with similar beats to make the concert one huge mashup of her most treasured songs.

Another noteworthy aspect was Beyoncé herself. To see her dance, sing, and put on one of the best performances absolutely floored the audience. Awe washed over the entire crowd as Beyoncé interchanged between singing and choreography with no problem.

Between every five or so songs, Bey would disappear into the electronic box to change into another show-stopping outfit. The colored lights reflected perfectly off of each curve of every outfit. No matter what she was wearing, Beyoncé was truly the center of attention at the show.

Possibly the most intriguing part of the show was when the stage was flooded. The whole front catwalk transformed into a little pool for Bey and her dancers to splash in. The choreography played off of the water and used it as a prop that provided a very astounding experience for the audience.

Gig Review: Beyonce in Detroit 5

At the end of the three hour performance, fans cheered for minutes on end even when the stage went dark. Confetti flew everywhere as laughter and chatter flooded the floor. After a show like that, there is definitely proper evidence to debate with anyone who says Beyoncé is overrated.

Overall, this concert was one of the best gigs we, as popular concert-goers, have been to. It was loud, energetic, and just fun. It was everything you could want out of a night out with friends. Although a bit pricey, the tickets were definitely worth the experience. If you have a chance to go witness Beyoncé live, we would highly recommend.

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Written by CelebMix