Gig Review: Inna At The Wright Venue, Dublin

Inna took to the stage of The Wright Venue in Dublin, Ireland on the 3 December 2016. Her support act was Romanian DJ, Vanotek.

For those of you who don’t know who Inna is; she’s a Romanian female singer who has sung with the likes of Flo Rida, Pitbull, Alexandra Stan, J Balvin, and Daddy Yankee. She was named the richest earning Eastern European Artist in 2011. She has also won a number of awards and has charted in many different countries.

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Vanotek is a Romanian DJ who attempted to represent Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with The Code & Georgian. He has collaborated with Yanka, Minelli, and Hevito.

The support act really got the crowd excited, playing various songs that got the whole audience pumped. So much so, that there was an excited buzz for Inna to come on stage.

Vanotek showed his skills, really getting into the songs he was playing, which unleashed energy out to the people in the club. Anticipation for Inna was high.

At 9pm Inna appeared on stage, starting her set with “Bamboreea”. She was backed by two dancers who could definitely work the stage.

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This Romanian superstar talked to the crowd numerous times, asking about the countries people were from. There was a lot of Romanians in the audience, as well as a few Polish, Brazilians, Canadians, and Germans. She jokingly told a member of the audience to remove his coat and start to dance so that he’s not cold; he actually did remove his coat. She talked in Romanian to the audience, as well as had a conversation in Spanish with someone at the front.

Singing songs from all four of her albums, and attempting to fit all the songs into the short set proved a difficult task. Early on, she sang “Be My Lover” that totally got the party started, before launching into an equally bass-pumping track “Walking On The Sun”.

Watch Inna sing “Be My Lover” and “Walking On The Sun” here:

Her biggest hits around the world are totally “Hot” and “Sun Is Up”. She switched them up a bit, adding a new flavour to these massive songs, that everyone knows. If there’s one thing we can’t deny Inna, it is her powerful vocals. Singing live throughout her entire set, she stunned us completely.

Watch Inna perform “Hot” and “Sun Is Up” on stage here:

Switching between her hits from her albums; Inna displayed emotion, fire, energy, and love for her fans. “Deja Vu” was a total highlight of the set, her vocals were lit throughout and it was clear she loved to sing this song. “Diggy Down” was just as good, the song is effortlessly catchy and yet so much better heard live. As for “INNdiA”, this song was nailed completely. However, she totally stole the show with “Bop Bop”. This song originally features Eric Turner, and is a firehouse of a song. Performed live, she danced during the chorus, totally in-sync with her dancers, the quite simple choreography was stylishly sexy and totally on-point from start to finish.

Watch Inna perform “Deja Vu”, “Diggy Down”, “INNdiA” and “Bop Bop” here:

Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is pretty known for singing in different languages. She has released many songs that have French, Spanish, Romanian, and English lyrics. On stage, at The Wright Venue in Dublin, she sang a few songs in different languages. Her hit, “Yalla”, contains Arabic lyrics and can be found on her self-titled fourth album. She perfected those lyrics and sang them without hesitation, proving how professional she is. Again, she did the same when it came to “Heaven”, which includes an entire verse in French. She also sang a song completely in Romanian, her home language.

Watch Inna sing “Yalla” and “Heaven” at The Wright Venue here:

As previously mentioned, Inna has made quite the name for herself when it comes to her collaborations; none more so than with Daddy Yankee. He has featured on two of her songs, both of which she sang in Dublin. “We Wanna” is originally sung by Alexandra Stan & Inna with a featured verse from Daddy Yankee. This song is one you’ll never get out of your head, but when sung live by Inna, it’s one that is entirely filled with energy and excitement. She then launched into “More Than Friends” which also features Daddy Yankee and was so much better heard live.

Watch “We Wanna” and “More Than Friends” sung by Inna live here:

“Cola Song”, originally featuring J Balvin, was the penultimate song. This song is one that easily embeds itself in our heads as soon as we hear it; yet, when sung live by Inna, her beautiful vocals manages to hit every part of our bodies. Inna can truly sing.

Watch Inna perform “Cola Song” in Dublin here:

Her very last song was “In Your Eyes”. This was definitely the performance of the night, purely because she did something unexpected; something we are so used to seeing her do at her gigs. She sat down on the edge of the stage and jumped into the crowd, still singing throughout. The bouncers rushed to the edge of the stage, and finally jumped in after her and moved the crowd aside as she tried to meet as many fans as possible, all the while singing the song.

Watch Inna jump into the crowd whilst singing “In Your Eyes” here:

If anything, Inna’s set was way too short, yet packed completely with all her hits and more. You wouldn’t think she would be able to get through all those songs in just under an hour. The fact she managed to sing most of her hits whilst talking to the crowd and explaining how much she loves her fans, really shows off her star quality.

She did miss off some fan favourites including: “Call The Police”, which is originally sung with three other Romanian female artists; “Summer In December”, which would’ve been perfect for the concert since it was held on 3 December 2016 however it is only a featured vocal from Inna with it originally sung by Morandi; then there was “Amazing” and “Love” from her first album that were globally successful songs; as well as the club-ballad “Endless” from album number two, which also included songs “Club Rocker”, originally featuring Flo Rida, and “Un Momento”, which we totally missed from the set.

Nevertheless, this shows how many amazing songs Inna has, and it’s impossible to include them all; yet, we were expecting to hear “Say It With Your Body”, which was her most recent new release.

She also didn’t sing any unheard songs that she’s bound to release soon, in promotion of her fifth studio album, which is coming soon. Regardless, Inna is a singer you do not want to miss, and if you ever have the opportunity to go and see her, make sure you don’t miss out.

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