Gig Review: Måns Zelmerlöw At O2 Academy Islington, London

Måns Zelmerlöw’s second tour date of his European tour took place yesterday (20 April 2017) at the O2 Academy Islington, London. With support coming from Kiol. They both nailed it giving brilliant performances, which we captured on the CelebMix Snapchat.

The European tour is in promotion of Måns Zelmerlöw’s most recent album titled Chameleon. He has had a lengthy career, starting off as a contestant on the second season of Swedish Idol – where he came fifth; to competing in Melodifestivalen a few times; having hit singles with “Cara Mia”, “Brother Oh Brother”, and “Hope & Glory”; before winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with his song “Heroes”; and subsequently presenting it the following year alongside Petra Mede. His new album is one of his strongest and most passionate albums he has released to date. Chameleon was released in December as his seventh studio album.

Earlier in the day, Måns Zelmerlöw sat down with CelebMix, inside his tour bus. We chatted about his new album Chameleon, his new European tour, Eurovision, and what we can expect in the future from him. Make sure you check out our exclusive interview.

Queuing up outside the O2 Academy Institute, it was clear that Måns Zelmerlöw had attracted fans from many different countries; the air was alive with all the different languages and accents floating around.

Inside, there was clearly a buzz as we waited patiently for the support act to come on stage. He was accompanied by a light up sign that stated: “I Am Kiol” – which certainly made us remember his name, and how to spell it.

Kiol was the perfect support act for Måns Zelmerlöw. His voice resonated with the entire audience and he definitely made an impression on us all. He managed to give us chills from the minute he started singing, creating goosebumps with every emotional word.

Many of the songs he sang can be found on his debut EP I Come As I Am, which was released by Warner Music. It is available to download and stream right now. He also sang a cover version of The Zutons’ song “Valerie” which was made even more popular by Amy Winehouse.

If anything, he surely proved his ability to get the crowd going as a support act. He easily got everyone’s attention and totally managed to release energetic vibes out to us. We were all clapping and occasionally singing along to his music.

After a slight break, Måns Zelmerlöw came on to the stage. He sung a variety of songs over his decade-long career; his set included past songs “Brother Oh Brother”, “Should’ve Gone Home”, and, of course, his Eurovision winning song “Heroes” – which had everyone singing along.

He was supported with a full band; where we were even treated to some saxophone instrumentals during some of the songs, which totally got the crowd pumped.

He also surprised the entire crowd with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle On The Hill”. His vocals worked perfectly with this song, and it was such a nice surprise. We want them to collaborate in the future; just imagine how amazing that would be.

Yet, it was his new songs from the Chameleon album where he fully shined on stage. There were many highlights including “Happyland” which was incredible live – just as he promised in our exclusive interview with him; then there was “Wrong Decision” which was flooded with emotion giving us feels from start to finish even more so live than he does on the album track; and “Whistleblower” impressed us to no end.

Yet, it was the singles that he had already released the truly got the crowd buzzing. All three singles from the album “Fire In The Rain”, “Hanging On To Nothing“, and “Glorious” were completely out of this world. The crowd were singing along to every single lyric and it was clear that Måns Zelmerlöw was loving being on the stage. He oozed energetic vibes and he loved hearing the crowd singing his songs back to him. “Glorious” had the crowd going wild and he oozed performance vibes throughout this performance of his most recently released single.

Yet, just when we thought it was all over, when we didn’t think Måns Zelmerlöw could impress us any more than he already had; he blew us away and knocked it out the venue when he toned it completely down for the final track. The very last song of the set was “Beautiful Lie”, which he sang fully acoustic; sitting on the side of the stage alongside his backing band, who sat down on the stage as well, away from their instruments. Using microphones only for the song, the entire ensemble impressed singing “Beautiful Lie” like we’ve never heard before and like we never will.

If you get the chance to see Måns Zelmelöw at his remaining European tour dates in France, Switzerland, and/or Poland; then you are in for a real treat. Be prepared to be blown away; be prepared to fall in love with his voice and his songs; and, most importantly, be prepared to have the best night of your life. Måns Zelmerlöw will have you waking up the next day thinking it was all just a dream.

Our Snapchat of the show is still available on our Story, but you only have a few hours left to view it, so make sure you add CelebMix now. Luckily, for you, we’ve added our Snapchat Story on to YouTube, so alternatively, check out the video below:

We hope we get the chance to see Måns Zelmerlöw in concert sometime in the near-future, as he was incredible. We also hope to hear more from Kiol, he’s voice is still giving us chills, even now.

Were you at Måns Zelmelöw’s London gig at the O2 Academy Institute? What did you make of it? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix, and if anyone is planning on seeing him at one of his other dates, tell us how excited you are.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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