Girl groups with the most Billboard Top 40 albums

With Billboard album charting information on hand, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 girl groups who’ve accumulated multiple top 40 albums. A few groups hold the same number of top 40 albums and are simply tied. The list includes studio albums, as well as soundtrack, live, holiday and compilation albums.

At number 5 we have three girl groups who each have four top 40 albums on the Billboard 200 chart. Wilson Phillips, SWV and Little Mix. As well as being the U.K.s only girl group with the most top 40 albums on the chart, Little Mix make the list after their fourth album Glory Days, debuted at the #25 spot on the Billboard 200 last year. ‘Wings’ & ‘Black Magic’ remain their staple hits, both lodging a Gold certification by the RIAA. The group have sold over 30 million records worldwide.

Becoming one of the most successful R&B girl groups in the 90’s, SWV aka Sisters With Voices, sold over 25 million copies worldwide and are known for their flurry of top 10 hits such as ‘I’m So Into You’, ‘Weak’, ‘Right Here’ & ‘You’re The One’. Wilson Phillips are known for their signature hit ‘Hold On’, but it wasn’t their only hit to top the Billboard charts – these include ‘Release Me’ & ‘You’re In Love’. Their best selling album is their debut, Wilson Phillips, which sold over 10 million copies worldiwde.

Onto the 4th spot we have two girl groups with 5 top 40 albums each – Mary Mary & Salt-n-Pepa. Mary Mary are a girl group gospel duo whose signature songs like ‘Shackles (Praise You)’ helped revitalize the gospel genre during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It aided in their debut album going platinum in the United States, and followed with 5 top 40 albums such as the double Gold certified Incredible & Mary Mary.

Grammy winning Salt-n-Pepa were made famous thanks to irresistible tracks like ‘Push It’, ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, ‘Shoop’ and the En Vogue collaboration ‘Whatta Man’ – one of the few girl group collaborations the music industry has produced. Their best selling album,Very Necessary, was a top 10 hit in numerous countries including the United States, Australia, Norway, and Canada.

Legendary 90’s girl group icons TLC & Destiny’s Child hold the number 3 spot with 6 albums in the top 40. Considered as one of the most influential musical trios by critics, Destiny’s Child ruled the late 90’s and early 2000’s airways worldwide with R&B numbers such as ‘Bills Bills Bills’ and ‘Survivor’. Their best selling album became Writings On The Wall and has sold over 10 copies worldwide.

TLC are known as the America’s best selling girl group. Their musical impact is undeniable and many girl groups such as Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, etc, look upon their success as an inspirational pivot especially for an all black female girl group. Selling over 65 million records they’re the second best selling group worldwide, behind the Spice Girls.

Solely, girl group The Pointer Sisters hold the 2nd spot with 7 top 40 albums. Known for their eclectic genre filled albums, The Pointer Sisters paraded the 80’s with synthpop power in hits like “I’m So Excited”. Their album, Break Out, became the groups’ best selling album going over 3 times platinum in United States, and quadruple platinum in Canada.

The number 1 spot goes to The Supremes coming in with 19 top 40 albums on the Billboard 200 chart. With a range of song goodies from, ‘Come See About Me’ to ‘Keep Me Hangin’ On’, it’s no surprise that these stunning ladies gave the Beatles a run for their money during their career height in the mid 60’s.


Written by Dannii C.

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