Girls’ Generation members Hyoyeon and Sooyoung join Tiffany Young for her new music video

Post success of her single “Over My Skin”, Tiffany Young will be back this month to release her second track “Teach You”. The single and the music video will be released on 28th September.

Recently, it was announced that Young will be joined by the members of Girls’ Generation – Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, who will be making an appearance in Young’s new music video.

The video for“Teach You” goes hand in hand with Tiffany’s global music / fashion campaign with H&M Worldwide, set to launch in October.

Talking about the single, Tiffany said,

“It really is my own little Korean Drama” says Tiffany“It goes back to what I love about K-Pop and Korean films; intricate set design, aesthetically pleasing color schemes, plot twists and the fact that I was able to have my friends on board for the shoot made it even more special for me.” Tiffany was able to put her acting skills to use during the filming of this video, and even changed our outward appearance, by cutting her hair, to fully take on this role; “In a previous interview I mentioned that I wouldn’t hesitate to cut my hair for the right role or the right song. It’s a commitment for a woman to change her hair; and it usually coincides with a change of heart or when something new is going on in their life.”

Young will also be joined by Hyuk Soo Kwun with whom she had earlier participated in SNL Korea. Talking about Soo Kwun’s cameo in the music video, Tiffany said,

“I love that I can bring different artists into it and introduce another actor to America. Being from America myself, hosting SNL Korea was a huge deal for me, and I remember explaining those feelings to Hyuk Soo Kwun at the time. It’s been an honor for him to take time out of his busy schedule to play a role in my own little “rom com.”

The song “Teach You” talks about “signs” that one often ignores in a toxic relationship. It’s a song about self-awareness that informs people about the stages when a person should be conscious enough to realize that it’s time to break away.

“It’s all about noticing the wrong signs in a relationship and letting the ladies know it’s okay to stand up for yourself. “If you mess with me you’ll get hurt,” that lyric embodies the song as a whole. It’s a fun song with a deeper meaning; don’t be pushed around, don’t be fooled, you should know better as a woman to teach a man that he needs to treat you right!”

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