Giulia drops new video for Trippin’

The first of a three-part video series, Giulia’s ‘Trippin’ is a music video unlike any other. Set amongst the stars, this video shows our intrepid heroine commanding a plane shooting through space as she navigates twirling dancers, planets of various shapes and sizes and star signs which hang like beacons in the sky around her ship. 

The song begins with a booming bass sound and a lazy drum beat which herald the arrival of Giulia’s sultry vocals. ‘Trippin’ starts to build as soon as it begins, which means that by the time the chorus has kicked in, we are completely entranced by this bizarre tale of a woman seemingly lost in space and hypnotised by her haunting vocals.

Despite the video comprising of so many different elements as we follow Giulia’s journey through space, it is her unbroken eye contact with the camera which remains the most memorable aspect of the video. It is a look which reveals her confidence and self-assurance, as it invites us to join her on her intergalactic voyage. If there is anyone to navigate this surreal space scenario with confidence and ease, my money is on her.

The child of a professional Polo player and a fashion entrepreneur, Giulia spent her childhood traveling around the world and gathering inspiration from various different cultures as well as her parents’ creativity. She harnesses this knowledge of the world and brings it into her meld of country-rock-pop in a way which sets her apart from anything else in the charts right now. The innovative storyline behind the video for ‘Trippin’ goes perfectly hand-in-hand with her unique sound and informed mixture of cultural influences. 

The video ends as we see the aeroplane fly off into the distance and the words “to be continued” appear at the bottom of the screen, leaving us wondering what is next in store for our intrepid intergalactic explorer…

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Written by Emma

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