GMB’s Ranvir Singh opens up on alopecia

Presenter, Ranvir Singh, shared her experiences of alopecia on Good Morning Britain today.

Speaking as part of an interview with an alopecia sufferer, Ranvir described suffering with the condition following the death of her father.

“I’ve had alopecia since I was about eight or nine, my dad died and [that was what caused it] I mean, I know what caused it and it never, ever got better.”

“I know you can’t tell now but it is there underneath it all and it makes you exceptionally self conscious doesn’t it? The heat rises and I used to feel a bit panicky about it all to be honest, [thinking] ‘What am I going to do?’ and ‘What if somebody says something?’”

Speaking to Ellie Baker who had joined the show to talk about suffering with alopecia before her wedding day, Ranvir said: “You and I are two of thousands of people. I’ve lived with it since I was about eight or nine so you do just get used to it don’t you over time but thousands of women across the country really do live with hairloss.”

Written by CelebMix