Go behind the scenes with One Direction

On September 11th @Vevo_Au tweeted about releasing something new from One Direction.  The original tweet only had 20 shares and 18 favorites.

As a fan base who’s used to being trolled (sometimes at our own hands), fans were a bit hesitant to jump at the news, but as the hours passed 2 similiar tweets were posted sharing their excitement for new One Direction.

We really can’t ever relax, can we?

With the account being verified, and the reach growing a bit with each tweet, interest was definitely placed on the Vevo_AU account as fans waited patiently to find out what they’d be dropping.

After the lat 24 hours this fandom had, we were all crossing our fingers that it would be something good.

We weren’t given a new single or music video, but we were given a glimpse into behind the scenes of the Drag Me Down music video.

We got to see how some of our favorite shots of the boys were produced!  Turns out they were on a buggy being driven around the NASA grounds as they sang passionately into the cameras, dancing and enjoying their time making the music video.

The message of the video was simple as Ben Turner states “The idea behind it, we were just trying to think of what the opposite of being dragged down was.”

Looks like you got it right, with the massive applause of fans once the music video dropped last month, it seems the idea, production, and completion of the music video was 100% successful, and this small video clip was only day one!

Looking forward to seeing more behind the scenes work guys! Always interesting to see how things come together, innit?



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.