Why Are Good Singers Rejected on X Factor?!

Well Bootcamp didn’t disappoint did it?! And that is only Round 1….

Good talent is being thrown down the drain on the show and fans are labelling the show a ‘FIX FACTOR.’ Is it any wonder considering the fact so many good singers are being rejected by the judges?

It was so brutal last night – it got to the point where I think I was more nervous than them!

But one person I want to focus on is James McDowell. He was in Group 12 and sang ‘Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes. Now, this was a song I had never heard before but X Factor are notorious for unknown songs.

You could tell that his group genuinely got along – not like that Ryan guy from Group 1 who said he hated everything! So James started off the song but it wasn’t enough for him to be put through! Can I just say how brutal it was that the four other members of his group got put through with one member simply humming the lyrics but they got through?!

You could tell how much it meant to him because he did look absolutely devastated as he walked off the stage and I couldn’t even imagine what it must have felt like.

Even by his reaction, you can tell how much the show and music really means to him.

X Factor throws away talent left, right and centre, let’s hope they try and save some good singers.

Written by Rachel Dempster