Grammy Award Winning Rapper ‘The Game’ Tops U.S. iTunes Chart

Acting as a sequel to his album The Documentary, it’s second chapter seems to be racking up lots of chatter and sales.

It’s current head to head threat in reaching the coveted number one place on the Billboard 200 chart is Selena Gomez with her second solo album, Revival. Currently though, he has dethroned Gomez according to real time iTunes chart numbers.

The chart race is set to be close so we’ll keep you up to date on this weeks placements.

Nonetheless, The Documentary 2 is prized by many including Diddy saying it’s The Game’s best album to date.

Whether it debuts at the top of the charts or not, The Game has already accumulated three number one albums on the Billboard 200 chart so no worries!

Released a decade ago, The Documentary is currently The Game’s best selling album with over 5 million copies sold worldwide. We’re positive this album will be one of his top best sellers and bring him back into the hip hop spotlight.

The Game’s last album was released almost three years ago so it’s safe to say fans have eagerly been waiting for his next release.

Check out the critically acclaimed ‘100’ (first single off The Documentary 2) featuring Canadian rapper Drake below.


Written by Dannii C.

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