Green Day’s new single ‘Bang Bang’ artwork released

Last week it was announced that punk rock band Green Day will be releasing a new single, titled, ‘Bang Bang’, their first since 2013. Billie Joe Armstrong, guitarist and lead vocalist of the band, posted this photo on Instagram of the artwork for the single.

It was only last year the trio were inducted, by Fall Out Boy, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which would have made it 25 years since their first album ’39/Smooth’ was released.

To add to the suspense of the new single, Billie Joe Armstrong has also posted photos of himself and others ‘jamming’ in what looks like a studio.

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jamming with friends #8daysleft #bangbang

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Another photo posted what looks like a setlist, which has caused speculation over a Green Day tour. Nevertheless, we’re excited for whatever the band have planned!

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jammin with friends. #bangbang #mynewband

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‘Bang Bang’ will be out on 11th August.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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