Grey’s Anatomy 12.09 “The Sound of Silence”

So, February 11th is getting closer and closer, and if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan then you know what that means… Grey’s Anatomy is coming back!

I think we can say that Thursday’s have been a bit of a bore without Grey’s Anatomy being on our screens, and although we still have a little while to wait, the promo video was released today and we are NOT okay at all. Not going to lie but we probably screamed a little bit when we seen what happened to Meredith.

The new episode is called “The Sound of Silence” which sees Meredith get attacked by a patient and ends up a patient herself.

Now this may be unintentional, but we see a little parallel with Amelia in this episode, with Derek in the episode “Drowning on Dry Land”. It looks like Amelia is worried and waiting for Meredith just like Derek did in “Drowning On Dry Land”.

Grey's Anatomy 12.09 Promo 1    Grey's Anatomy 12.09 Promo 2

This promo video has us feeling all types of emotions. We also cannot wait to see what happens with Jo and Alex in the new episode.

You can watch the new promo video for Grey’s Anatomy down below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kkzdf2GMLI&w=560&h=315]

Catch Grey’s Anatomy on February 11th on ABC 8/7C!

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Written by CelebMix