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Greyson Chance Shines in Introspective New Song “shut up”

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it is during times like these that we really start to believe in love even more.

We want it all: the romance, the feelings, the butterflies and the roses around us. The tingling in our spines, the smile that just cannot be contained when thinking about that one person.

Luckily for us, Greyson Chance just provided us with the perfect soundtrack. His brand new release is titled “shut up” and, to be honest, this is the one thing we do not want him to do.

“shut up” is an introspective vision into Greyson’ thoughts while going through the early stages of a blooming romance. Careful, tender, and in perfect harmony, the song begins with Greyson hitting those high notes with amazing ease. A raw start that feels painful and engrossing all at the same time. The fact that it is a capella only adds more emotion to the context. You can feel his anxiety, he does not want to risk it all with this new person.

“I cannot hold my tongue, you give me much to say
I’m sweating bullets, nervous that you’ll push away
And when your eyes catch mine, I know I talk too much
So give me your two lips and baby, I’ll shut up”

The opening lines of the track

We move along as the singer’s inner monologue progresses, accompanied by the opening piano lines and a steady beat, similar to a pounding heart beat. Steady, waiting, hopeful.

Greyson’s voice become stronger even while his thoughts still circle around that person. “Your confidence is what I want”, he declares and admitting that “I’m loud ’cause maybe you’re the one”.

It all climaxes with the singer repeating the words “Oh baby I’ll shut up” over and over again, as if giving up even though he does not want to.

“shut up” is a quiet song, a quiet song that manages to perfectly capture all of the emotions and thoughts running inside oneself while first falling in love. It is a quiet song that truly shines thanks to its minimalist simplicity. It is a quiet song that lets us hope that it will all end happily (ever after). But maybe that is why Greyson released it as the lead single off of his new album? As a sort of cliffhanger to see how the story progresses?

For now, we can only listen to “shut up”. And this is what we are going to do for the rest of the day.

Listen to the track right here:

Also be sure to watch the official video right here:

The Texas native first garnered worldwide fame with his amazing piano rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” back in 2010. Nine years later, the singer-songwriter is now all grown up and ready to show us (again) what he got by releasing his new album “portraits” this year.

“shut up” is available on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. It was released via GCM. The track serves as the lead single off of “portraits”.

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