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Gucci’s New Fashion Line Sort of Screams ‘Harry Styles’

Harry Styles is a long standing fan of Gucci, and with good reason – it almost seems like when he’s wearing Gucci, the clothes were tailor-made specifically for his body.  On top of the way he flawlessly pulls off any Gucci look, he was mentioned in a recent article that pointed out 6,820 tweets existing about Harry wearing the brand.

Gucci's New Fashion Line Sort of Screams 'Harry Styles' 1

While Gucci has been rising exponentially since Alessandro Michele took over as the creative director two years ago, more celebrities have been turning to Gucci for both red carpet and everyday looks.  From aforementioned Harry Styles to Beyonce – Michele was the stylist behind the Formation video look – the almost rebrand of Gucci has proven to be a total success.

In an interview with Vogue in 2015, Michele said this about his Gucci debut.

“It’s not easy to live now, I think we need to dream. So I wanted to present an idea of something romantic, in dream time—like in a movie.”

Harry sort of, well – totally, epitomizes romance and all things dreamy, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a style collection taking over social media that sort of embodies him quite perfectly.  It hasn’t been said that Harry inspired the line but it definitely reflects some of the beautiful ink on his body and the style he loves.

Gucci's New Fashion Line Sort of Screams 'Harry Styles' 1

From embroidered denim to patterned shirts, these looks have made many One Direction fans think of Harry as they’ve made their way across the internet, and not only that but as celebrities have been seen wearing the looks in this collection and looking absolutely smashing.

Gucci's New Fashion Line Sort of Screams 'Harry Styles' 2

Dakota Johnson, Beyonce, and Rihanna have all become fans of the line (and the killer jean jacket) and been seen wearing them out and about as of late.  Bandmate Louis Tomlinson was also seen wearing a jumper from the collection during his training for Soccer Aid earlier in June.

With a style themed around a romantic, traditional vibe (many people have tattoos in a traditional theme that look strikingly similar to some of these looks – Harry Styles specifically) mixed with animals and high fashion, it’s only a matter of time until more celebrities start adorning this line, and we can’t wait to see it.

You can check out more of the line at Gucci‘s website and explore the collection – it’s absolutely beautiful.  We’ve already created our wishlist and it’s basically one of everything!

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