Gyasi Ross Gives Advice to his Younger Self in “Different”

Gyasi Ross is a unique artist who blends hip hop and slam poetry inspired lyrics with soulful vocals and acoustic rock soundscapes. His latest single “Different” and video is an important narration on what it is like to grow up as a black person in America.

“Different” describes the hardships and racism he has experienced throughout his life. From being looked at harshly because of the color of his skin or even being told his dreams were out of reach because he is a black man, “Different” is a poignant personal story of Gyasi Ross rising above the hatred. Passionate story-telling vocals rise above guitar riffs soon colliding into an explosive and anthem chorus filled with intense drums and electric guitars.

Gyasi Ross began studying music specifically jazz trumpet as a teen and has since transitioned to guitar. His songwriting is raw and authentic, pulling from a range of influences including John Legend, John Coltrane, Jason Mraz and more.

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Written by LeahBlack

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